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Carra Hosiery Tuxedo Stripe Tights

I am back in Carra Hosiery, and this time I am trying out one of her timeless pieces. She launched these a few years ago, when I collabed with her initially, and they have been doing ever so well!

So this piece is so versatile, that both men and women can wear them, and I have added the specs for you below so you can check it out! At first, I wanted to create such an edgy look, but then I decided against it and decided to show you how you can dress them to the office or an important meeting.

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Denier: 16

Materials: 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex

Price: $14.99

Website: Carra Hosiery – Tuxedo Stripe

My Outfit

I’m going smarty pants to work today, and this time we have the classic pencil skirt coming out. I paired up my chiffon blouse with my pencil skirt and I added tan court shoes to make it a little casual. You can switch to black to keep it formal, but I wanted to add a neutral colour.

My Deets

Blouse: H&M

Skirt: H&M

Tights: Carra Hosiery

Heels: Office

The Review

From The Website: Stylish design with a bold tuxedo stripe to accent the leg. The tuxedo stripe design is for women who like to make bold fashion statements. Pair with a tunic top, shirt dress, or a bright top hat.

Style #CHB004
Tuxedo Stripe
Built-in French lace bikini with moisture wicking gusset
Reinforced toe
Antimicrobial wash applied to keep skin dry, fresh and keep bacteria under control
16 denier
Body: 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex.
Proudly made in the U.S.A
Hand wash and handle with care

The Packaging

Getting Them On: these were super easy to scrunch and roll up the legs, however I will say take your time to get that stripe lined up so you don’t need to fiddle with it later. I kept mine more in the middle/facing back rather than at the front as I preferred it with this look.

On The Legs: so I have a fair bit to say about this pair, and believe me when I say it’s all good! The first thing I have to say is that matte finish is amazing. I tried to get the sun shining on my legs, so you can see what they look like. That is my natural leg shine peering through and look how lovely and sheer they look. They make the legs look ultra smooth without even doing much. I really like that about a matte finish.

The quality is pretty amazeballs; sometimes with complete matte pairs, it can lack but I can happily say that isn’t the case with this pair. They hug the legs great, they didn’t snag or rip easily during the time I was in them and they have been super pleasant to be in. I also had plenty of stretch in them for my leg length and width too.

The fit of these are true to size for me, however I would recommend checking out the sizing guide before purchasing just to make sure you purchase the right size. I had enough stretch in these to fit my legs well without having to really tug them up or around the legs. Plus you don’t want any extra material giving you that ombre effect.

The feel of these are beautifully soft! I absolutely love the way they feel on the legs. It feels smooth, both inside and out, and they don’t irritate the legs at all. There is so much praise I could give here!

Now the design is something unique, and I love this type of thing! They have this lovely thick side seam to them, that starts from the reinforced toe and works upto the top thigh. I like how close up you can see the lines to them, which I think was great detailing. It isn’t just a block that is sewn into the tights, so when you do stretch them out it won’t bunch up when you take them off.

The Toes & Ankle: as you can see, these come with reinforced toe caps. This is the same denier as the black side seam, as it all works together to create this fabulous piece. I had plenty of wiggle room for my toes to move, and no pressure was added around the toes or feet either.

I will say this is where you need to start playing with the seam; I wanted to sit mine a little further back than forward, so from the foot is where I had to start setting it in place.

Around the feet and ankles, you can see how smooth the finish is, and no wrinkles in sight!

The Waistband & Gusset: now excuse how bright the lighting went here. My camera goes into a weird mode when I shoot anything dark.

One of Carra Hosiery’s selling point is being commando; they are super big on that. This is because they have built-in underwear in each of their pairs so you don’t feel the need to wear any when you’re in them. They have this lovely printed brief design on the front and back of their pairs, with a great cotton gusset.

I have to say their bands are super comfortable around the waist, and do not roll down on itself or shimmy down the waist. They stay up really well and have a lovely amount of stretch to them.

My Thoughts?

I really like this pair; it’s simple, it’s bold, it’s statementy enough and I love it. The quality is brilliant, they look incredible on the legs, especially in the sun and I would happily recommend them! Thank you so much Carra Hosiery!

6 thoughts on “Carra Hosiery Tuxedo Stripe Tights

  1. Soni, you did the best job yet when you modeled this hosiery, Your presentation was flawless from French-cut hip to the reinforced toecap and the tummy, as-well-as your description and insight. The only thing wrong with anything of it is when your wonderful critique mad me race to the Carra Hosiery site to buy out their store, I was absolutely devastated to learn that none of their sizing would fit me. I did, however, buy a couple pairs of their socks in different styles.

    I agree with your assessment that the Carra line of hosiery would look equally as good on men as it does on women with the exception of the glitter stockings that would present better on women.

  2. Your blogs always enjoy reading very informative and helps me to decide on what I would love to get next thank you.

  3. A nice effect this opaque band, I have the impression that they refine your legs a little more, right?
    A must… 🤗

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