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Carra Hosiery Socks Collection: See My Bow, Polka Dot Anklet & Leopard Pawse

You all got to see a sneak preview on my Instagram story last week, and now I bring you the full review with tons of pictures and videos! I adore Carra Hosiery; their brand is amazing and I love what they stand for.

I’ve known Carra Hosiery for a few years now – ever since they started up and I got to review their new pieces at the time! It was such a pleasure to do, and now I get to try out more for you all! They have come such a long way and have added some awesome funky pieces to their collection too!

Now as I am doing this as a triple review, I decided to write it out slightly differently than I normally would.

The Packaging

See My Bow Review

Colour: Black

Size: One Size

Materials: 85% nylon, 15% spandex

Price: $10.99

Website: Carra Hosiery – See My Bow

Description: This perfect fishnet sock with seam & satin bow will have you twisting and turning. The attached bow can be worn in the back or to the side. If you love our best seller “See My Seam” you will love these even more!

Proudly made in the U.S.A
Hand wash for care
85% nylon; 15% spandex
Attached bow

My Review: I can see why this would be a best seller – these are so versatile! I will get into that a few paragraphs down!

I got these on pretty easily, especially considering I was wearing anklets underneath which could catch. They are a super smooth net, which glides lovely up the legs and sits on my anklets nicely without worrying it will get caught in the netting.

The quality of these are great; they don’t rip or snag easily which is always makes me happy. I could also stretch them out without ruining the backseam or the netting.
And speaking of stretching them out – I could make these into KNEE HIGH SOCKS! These have an incredible amount of stretch to them, that I could stretch them to my knees and make them knee high socks. I love that you have the ability to do this (I suppose it also depends on your leg width and length too!)

The fit of these are great; I had plenty of wiggle room around my toes, and no pressure was added whilst I was in them for the day. Even around the ankles, the band is super soft and really comfortable to wear. It didn’t dig in and leave those horrid dent marks in the skin like you can sometimes get.

The design of these I am absolutely crushing over; I got this wonderful bold backseam that works from the toes all the way to the ankle band, and then an added bow on top to finish it off. The beauty about this pair is there is no wrong or right way to wear them; you can wear them with the seam and bow at the front, or the side. I love how functional they are!

Polka Dot Anklet Review

Colour: Black

Size: One Size

Materials: 96% Polyamide, 4% Elastane

Price: $9.99

Website: Carra Hosiery – Polka Dot Anklet

Description: Sheer anklet with polka dot design. Perfect with flats and trousers. These sheer socks are versatile with comfort top and reinforced toe.

The Review: I love a good polka dot pair, especially one that has slightly larger polka dots. I love any type, but I like it when I get a pair that is slightly different than the ones that you usually get.

These were, again, easy to get onto the feet and over my anklets. I had the option to put my anklets on top, but I decided to tuck them in and see how they get on during the day. I have to say I had no issues with them at all – they sat nicely and didn’t move. Not only that, they did not damage the socks at any stage!

The quality is spot on once again; these are the type that can snag a little easier than the netted pair, however I was completely fine wearing them with open toe sandals today. I didn’t get any snags or rips in them. These also have a nice amount of stretch to them, so they shape to the feet well – and there is no gapping!

The fit of these are great; they are super stretchy so they can fit multiple foot sizes with ease. These don’t stretch any higher unfortunately, however that isn’t a bad thing. I like that these just sit around the ankles. I had plenty of wiggle room around the toes, and there was no pressure added. I do like these have a thin reinforced toe to them; it gives you a little protection with longer nails.

The design is one of my favourites; it’s super easy to pair up with almost any outfit you choose, and it can work with all types of footwear too! I paired up with open toe sandals, however you can wear closed heels, pumps, ballet shoes, trainers etc. It really is endless!

Leopard Pawse Review

Colour: Black

Size: One Size

Materials: 99% Polyamide, 1% Elastane

Price: $13.99

Website: Carra Hosiery – Leopard Pawse

Description: Live on the wild side with our sheer black leopard print socks. These sheer socks are versatile with a reinforced toe. Pawse can be worn with all types of shoes – heels, sneakers, and flats.

99% Polyamide
1% Elastane
Hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry
Slouch fit
Yes we love these with jeans!

The Review: I left the wild ones last as I did such a great pairing. Normally I wouldn’t clash prints, however I thought *F it* and went for it. I loved the way it came out – a statement for sure!

Getting them on, you have 2 options; you can either keep them smooth and wrinkle-free on the feet (like I have done) or you can wrinkle them up a little and then carry on with that up the legs. I decided to keep it smooth as I was wearing open toe sandals (I would have done wrinkles on the feet if I was wearing court shoes) so it was a smooth look with a little pizazz from the ankle strap up. These were great going up the feet and around the ankles; I had no issues with them catching on or being a pain at all.

The quality of these blew me away. This is a taking tulle to another level; I have never felt tulle so soft before! These are super soft and really smooth against the skin. They glide right on and they’re simple incredible! These can also snag easily, however I managed to keep them from getting damaged whilst I was in them today!

The fit is one that I cannot fault again; these are great as they have some stretch to them – not much but enough to caress the feet well. These fit amazing around the toes and they are also reinforced too for that added protection. From there, they become this wild sheer pair all the way to the top.

The design is another that you can really play with; I managed to sit these upto my knees! That is how much ruffling/wrinkling I can play with around the ankles. I sat mine just above my ankle straps, but if you ever wanted to keep them up high – you can do so (however they may start to shimmy down when you’re moving; there is nothing there to keep them held up)
I do really love the leopard print – it’s one that can work all year round and you can either keep it subtle with your outfit paired with them, or go bold and make it a statement piece like I did knees down!

My Thoughts?

For once, I have nothing bad to say! I absolutely loved all 3 pairs from Carra Hosiery, and I would happily recommend them for you to try out. All 3 pairs are different in their own way, and they are really great pairs!

Thank you greatly Carra Hosiery – I found my socks to play in for Spring/Summer this year!

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