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CALZITALY Vintage Fishnet Hold Ups with Back Seam

I’m having a lazy one at home today, and even though I am… I still like to be in hosiery. I had this pair sitting in my basket for a short while, and I fancied popping them on the legs today and doing a review – making myself useful 🙂

A lot of you won’t know this, but I wore these in my Femme Luxe Clothing Review Part 17 review on YouTube. Mind you, it’s only small glimpses of it!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: S-M

Denier: Unknown

Materials: 82% Polyamide, 18% Elastane

Price: £8.39

Website: Amazon – CALZITALY Vintage Fishnet Hold Ups with Back Seam | Fishnet Stay Up Stockings | Black, Skin | S/M, L/XL | Made in Italy

My Outfit

So slouching at home entails oversized jumpers and whatever hosiery I can get my hands on. I was feeling some fishnets for a change instead of sheer tights, so on they go. I paired up with my Vans when I was heading out.

My Deets

Jumper Dress: Cameo Rose

Holdups: CalzItaly




The Review

From The Website:

Fishnet hold ups made of high-quality resistant yarns with back seam and a silicone band on the top lace which keeps them in place.
Very elegant vintage seamed stay ups perfect to feel and be amazing on your special occasion
With nude toes.

COMPOSITION: 82% Polyamide, 18% Elastane

BAND: Decorative top band, plain or decorated with various patterns, and with inner silicone stripes.
NUDE TOE: Invisible toe, perfect to wear with sandals or peep-toe shoes

It is Fishnet Time! The trendiest look nowadays requires fishnet: large fishnet, micro fishnet, socks, tights, knee-high socks, hold ups,
Calzitaly offers you a wide range of choices perfect to satisfy every need, occasion and style.
Style our Fishnet with your ripped jeans or your dresses and follow our tips.
You will always be trendy and fashion during your extraordinary days/nights.
With more than 50 years of experience in the hosiery sector Calzitaly offers you a 100% Made in Italy products made always
with love and passion!

| Calzitaly advice: body lotions and creams may affect the performance of the silicone bands, therefore do not use them on your thighs before wearing this garment |
✨ High Quality MADE IN ITALY with love ✨ | All CALZITALY products have the STANDARD 100 CERTIFICATION by OEKO-TEX


The Packaging: well I have to say their packaging is pretty simple. I quite like to show the model wearing them so I know what to expect inside at least. This has a small window in the top right corner showing you the nets through it. When you flip over, you find out more about the sizing guide, hosiery care and just a little about the company. There isn’t much regarding the holdups inside.

When you get in, you will find these packed in plastic with card inserted into 1 leg. I have to admit I always giggle when I see holdups this small. It just means they’re packed with plenty of stretch, but it looks like it would fit a baby!


Getting Them On: these had no foot or leg shaping to them, so I set the toe seams flat across my toes and then made sure that I kept the backseam straight whilst I was rolling them up.

I took extra care going over my anklets to make sure they don’t get caught.



On The Legs: I love the netting on this pair. I reviewed the Levante ones not long ago, and these remind me of them, but as holdups not tights. The netting is pretty small (also know as micro-netting), so you get this darker look on the legs but also an amazing look!

I always find this shapes my legs so well!

The backseam design is a little twist, which I like. You don’t get many pairs that are like this, and especially in a pair of holdups. But I quite like it. It makes it look more elegant compared to a normal pair, and these can be worn with almost anything. It also makes it easier to wear with heels too!

The quality of these are really nice; these were super stretchy, they fit my legs so well and I can see these being durable as long as I treat them well. I nearly managed to catch them against my desk, but it was a lucky escape and no damage was done.

The fit of these are true to size, and trust me when I say even a size medium could easily wear these. They are super elasticated so you can sit these high or low on the legs, and they cater so well for thicker thighs (like mine) – winner here!

The feel of them are slightly rough to touch, but nothing that would irritate the skin. I felt these could have been slightly better in terms of it feeling grainy, as these would stop dresses and bodycons from swishing past it – instead it would be clinging on a little. Apart from that, I do like them!


The Toes & Ankle: well I have a good amount of photos to show you what they are like on the feet. The seams sit on top / just under the toes, and that is also where the backseam starts too.

I had plenty of wiggle room in these, and no pressure was added during the day either. I will say these aren’t reinforced so do be careful with sharp nails as you could easily rip these if you have stretched them a lot around the feet.

The feet and ankles have a lovely fitted finish, and no wrinkles in sight (as long as you haven’t gone 4 sizes bigger!)



The Bands: now to really set the nets off, you have this lovely band. I haven’t come across a design like this before, and I really like it. It makes a change from the floral lace you normally get in so many variations.

The band itself is a little shorter than what you normally get, but I actually like that. It means you can have that extra play room to sit them higher without the band being exposed. A shorter band means more room for nets!

These have a double silicone band sitting at the top where it has the scallop design to it, and stays up so well during the day. I did tug at them, pull them up and down the legs  pinched them away from the legs to test out how well they stick each time – and they passed. Their hold isn’t lost at all which I like!

Oh let me mention that the backseam works right up to the band as well – so you need to make sure it doesn’t go wonky when you set them again!



My Thoughts?

I really like this brand – they did well for my 1st pair and now I cannot wait to get my hands on another to see if they’re just as good!

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