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CalzItaly 3 Pairs Women Pop Socks

Switching it up to a trio pair of CalzItaly socks that were purchased from my wishlist a little while back. I have to admit I am getting into nylon socks a little more than I used to, especially when they have some seriously cool designs!

Now this pair came as a pack of 3, and you can choose between 3 different sets on the website. I thought these were the best out of them all, especially with those large polka dots!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: One Size

Materials: 93% Polyamide, 7% Elastane

Price: £8.79

Website: Amazon – 3 Pairs Women Pop Socks | Sheer Everyday Socks | Patterned Ankle Socks | Polka Dots, Stripes, Geometric | Black | One Size | Made in Italy

The Review

From The Website: CALZITALY offers a variety of elegant and stylish socks for every woman. Sheer, opaque, colourful or plain, they will make you feel and look elegant, sophisticated and gorgeous with all your outfits: jeans, dresses, leggings, trousers. All our products are checked in every stage of their production so as to obtain high-quality products that embody the spirit of made in Italy quality and elegance. Calzitaly stands for style and high quality, which are the main characteristics of all our products, all of them 100% Made In Italy.


Pack 3 pairs of sheer patterned woman socks Sophisticated designs to give a nice look adding that extra something to any outfit.
Socks made of very soft yarn and with reinforced toes, to assure maximum comfort and resistance.
Sold in a pack of 3 pairs with different fashion patterns in black color.

  • REINFORCED TOE: Extra strong toe area, which reduces laddering, extending the product life.

– 1 pair with vertical stripes
– 1 pair with geometric pattern
– 1 pair with big polka dots


The Packaging: now all 3 pairs come in this small packet. When you get inside, you will find the brand name at the front, and more details about the pairs at the back.

When you get in, I will advise to be careful opening it so you don’t snag any pairs. I had to unwrap mine as they were folded over each other to reveal all 3 pairs.



Getting Them On:



On The Feet: I decided to separate them into the 3 pairs so it doesn’t look too confusing.

The first pair; the non-checked pair I like to call it. I adore this type of design; it’s super funky and it can be dressed in so many ways. I paired mine with pumps, but these can easily work with some court shoes or feminine sandals. This print is super versatile, and I do like how they look on.

These sit a little higher up the ankle, so my anklets are completely tucked underneath. Also these have reinforced toes to them, but I did find them a little baggy around the toes to begin with. I suppose being a one size pair, they need to cater for all foot sizes here.

These are a sure favourite of mine!



I gotta say I do like this design, but I am not super keen. I do like stripes, but they can either work with you or against you. I wasn’t too fond of this design personally, but if thy were black stripes on a nude pair of socks, then maybe I would have felt a little different.

This pair I found sat a little lower on the ankle compared to the previous pair above. These I paired up with court shoes to show how you can still wear them to work or with outfits that require heels instead of pumps or flats.

These also have reinforced toes to them, and same again – thy are a little baggy to begin with around the sides.



If you know me well, you know I love polka dots of any kind! These are totally up my street, and I thought I would pair them with my fluffy sandals to make it look slightly Parisian! I like how these are large polka dots; normally companies make them smaller. It makes a nice change, and once again they look super playful!

These also sat higher on the ankle compared to the striped pair, which is not a bad thing but I expected them to be sitting a little lower without me having to push them down.

These also have reinforced toes to them, which I found were a little baggier than the previous 2 pairs; on the sides of the toes especially.

These are another favourite!



My Thoughts?

Not a bad trio to be honest; I felt the quality was pretty decent on all 3 pairs, but nothing too wow. They are your typical nylon socks really. All 3 fit really well on the feet, covered them well without any ombre effect, and they didn’t feel too tight or loose on. I did have a little issue with the reinforced toes, but I understand they are trying to cater for all here.

Apart from that, I thought they were decent, and for 3 pairs, it is value for money. I would recommend these for sure.

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