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Calzedonia Viscose Glitter Tights

I swear I have done this outfit before last Xmas, and I don’t know why I tend to pair dark greys with this pink jumper!

Anyways it’s a snug time of year, so that’s what I was going for today with my big jumpers and thick deniers.

The Spec

Colour: Grey

Size: S/M

Denier: Around 60

Materials: 84% Viscose 10% Polyamide 4% Elastane

Price: £11.20

Website: Calzedonia – Viscose Glitter Tights

My Outfit

I wore my pink oversized jumper along with my white patent Dr Martens. I also added my pinky nude lipstick to finish off the look. It was a pretty casual day really!

My Deets

Jumper: Matalan

Tights: Calzedonia

Boots: Dr Martens

Lipstick: Mac Touch



The Review

The Packaging: I ordered these from Calzedonia online, so these can wrapped in plastic to protect the hosiery (thank goodness they did!)

There isn’t much to tell you about the front and back of the packaging if I’m honest 🙂

Once you carefully undo the cardboard, you will find these flat packed (with no card inside – YES!!!) ready to get on.


On The Legs: I have to say these are so snug!!!!!! They are so soft on the legs and so smooth against the skin too. These literally are like one of those soft cosy blankets wrapped around my legs and waist. I love the way they feel!

The sparkle to them is enough to jazz them up; I thought they would be too much, but actually you have subtle sheerness peeking through and then that added glitter parts which works nicely altogether.

The denier is a semi-opaque I have to say; these are a size S/M which means I still had a fair bit of stretch in them and yet they still came out looking a little sheer. It’s not a bad thing, but it’s something to bear in mind if you decide to get a pair. They will certainly keep you warm in cold weather… and glitzy too!

In terms of durability; these don’t snag easily I have to say and they have plenty of stretch in them too so these should mould to your legs really well without looking too thick. I hate it when hosiery makes my legs look bigger than they are, and this is a pair which doesn’t do that at all 🙂


The Toes & Ankle: I didn’t wear nail varnish underneath so you won’t see any colour peering through. But these are great too; enough wiggle room and no pressure added to the toes throughout the day either.

The ankles have a lovely smooth finish; and you can hardly see my anklets under these!!


The Waistband: now this is the best part; the band. I love the way it sat on me and did what it was supposed to! It didn’t roll over itself causing that podgy lump you get, it didn’t lose elasticity throughout the day and it didn’t fall down when walking around. I love the way these sat and felt on the waist; I actually didn’t notice the band at one point because it hugged me perfectly.




My Thoughts?

I gotta say this is one of the best thicker denier buys I have purchased in a while. I love the way they look and feel, and they are just amazing. Everything about them is just too good, and I would certainly recommend them 🙂

2 thoughts on “Calzedonia Viscose Glitter Tights

  1. Great review and they look fantastic on your legs I have to say. The description is perfect would love a pair of these as you know by now I love the glitter look or glossy look these have my name all over them.