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Calzedonia Ultra Sheer Shaping Push-Up Tights

And we visit another pair that was bought 2 months ago and is only being worn now! I have to admit I wore this on one of the coldest days where winds were blowing hardcore and there’s me like nudes looking bare-legged getting weird looks from everyone at work!

The worst thing was I normally put thigh high boots to this jumper and I decided to go sling back heels instead so it was full on leg!

The Spec

Colour: Nude (Bronze) – 315

Size: 2 / Small

 Denier: 15

Materials: 76% Polyamide, 22% Elastane, 2% Cotton

Price: £9.50 / Sale £4.75

Website: Calzedonia – 15 Denier Ultra Sheer Shaping Push-Up Tights


My Outfit

I kept it proper simple and just wore my jumper dress with black peeptoe slingback and then had my hair up in a big bun. It was enough for work and I really didn’t feel like dressing up today!

My Deets

Jumper: Lasula

Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

Tights: Calzedonia



The Review

From The Website: Ultra sheer push-up tights. The shaping line is designed to sculpt the silhouette and create a push-up effect on the buttocks. Thanks to the particular characteristics of the material and the construction, these tights effectively contour the stomach, hips and buttocks. Particularly comfortable for every-day use.

76% Polyamide 22% Elastane 2% Cotton

Machine wash cold with like colors
Do not iron
Do not bleach
Do not dry-clean
Do not tumble dry
Line dry


The Packaging: so this is different to their normal fashion hosiery packaging, although this isn’t the first time I have come across this.

It shows the brand and make at the front along with the size and colour, with a peep toe at the top. The back goes into a little more detail about sizing, hosiery care and the following:

“Ultra sheer tights with a panty that lifts your bottom, cotton gusset, flat seams, sandal toe.”



Inside the packaging you find these wrapped around card, shaped to the legs ready to go! I love it when they do this; it just means you get a great fit and it’s easy to scrunch down and roll on!



Getting Them On: so as these are push-up tops, they are a little tight (but stretchy) so don’t get all in a faff trying to scrunch this bit. I know a lot of people do and always ask me, but what you need to focus on is the rest of the hosiery.

Before you begin, make sure you have your hosiery gloves on and then begin the scrunch! As these are subtly shaped, all you need to do is scrunch all the way down and then cover the toes and roll up – simple as!

When you get to the push-up top, then just slowly adjust whilst you roll this on so you get them where you want them to be. I used the mirror to make sure the bum bumps sit where they need to!



On The Legs: flipping heck! Have you seen this? Have you seen that shine?! Like woah! I did not expect them to be like that whatsoever; they didn’t even mention that they have this super shine to them on the website; I just expected a pair of simple shiny push up tights that are bronze coloured.

The denier is fab to give your legs that thin coverage where it looks like you’re not wearing anything. Plus these would be great for Spring/Summer – keeping those legs cool at the same time!

The colour is fantastic; that bronze gives my legs an instant tan and they are to die for!

The fit and feel is superb; super shiny, super smooth and dead soft! My legs kept slipping off one another at one point they are that smooth! I love them!

The quality is amazing too; I never really have an issue with Calzedonia and snagging (as the biggest problem I face!). They have some stretch to them but quite hard to snag. I could easily itch my legs with long nails and not have to worry – putting it in simple terms!



The Toes & Ankles: perfecto! Wiggle room is there, no extra material on the sides and sandal toes that will easily work with peep toe and open toe shoes. The only downside is that they are reinforced but hey ho! Never mind!

Around the ankles, these look amazing. All silky smooth and no creasing which is great!



The Push Up Top: now this bit does work! Even though I was wearing baggy, I could notice the difference myself. Not saying I had a large tushy in them, but I could see them slightly looking more pert and nice.

These are a solid bronze colour, so you can;t see through these at all. The front is all smoothed out, with the back being all nice and peachy!

The waistband is comfortable; these aren’t like control tops that try and suck you in, but more on the comfort side. I love the way they look like shorts on the top and the works right into the 15 denier sheer.

Now you can tell front from back from the first 2 images; the back has those 2 round patches for your bum so there is no way you could get confused getting these on.


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My Thoughts?

Wow! Just wow! This topped my expectation by miles, and I am pleased! I love the fact that these are glossy which make the legs look amazing, and then you got the push up working on making your tushy look divine.

The quality is so great and I love the fit of them too; perfect on the legs and they certainly don’t budge.

I would certainly recommend these – I’m gonna be getting a few more pairs!

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