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Calzedonia Total Shaper 30

What a gorgeous day we are having this Monday! .. Out comes the good old red dress (well not that old!)

So let me give you a little summary as to why I bought these when I went to France – I was just mooching around seeing if there were any patterned ones that I could go for as Calzedonia do such amazing designs. But I couldn’t find any. So there a woman came, asking me if I wanted help with anything using very little English. (She did good though!)

Anyways, there I am just browsing through the plain sheer range instead and she got out these plain 30 denier sheers. I asked her what was so special about them that you’re promoting these?

All she did was run her long pointed acrylic nails inside of them and smiled…. I WAS SOLD!

They were completely resistant! And on top, they have many other benefits:

  • Push Up on the bum
  • Control top from the top of the thigh to waist
  • And full leg support


I have never ever been won over like that before and in that time, I said to her I need a small and let me pay for them right here right now!

And here I am wearing them for the first time now since I have got them trialling them out!

So let me give you my lowdown:

  • I always love the calzedonia packaging – they always seem to make their plain sheers look so exotic at the front with this semi-nude woman fading into the black background. I have to say their patterned don’t come like this at all – they are open with cardboard inside so you can see.
  • Taking them out, you can see that they are ¾ of your normal leg length – which means they are going to be snug!!! They are also shaped to your leg so you know which way you need to get them on. I suppose you can easily get these on backwards.
  • Getting them on was a right mission I have to say – I had to scrunch and roll and pinch god knows how many times because they are so tight due to the leg control. And trying to get up the thigh was a nightmare – I had to lie on the bed and wiggle myself in. At least you know they are doing their job well!
  • They have a lovely soft satin feel to them – my dress just glides against it. I definitely know they will work well with bodycons that rub against the legs.
  • I cannot believe how resistant they are – there have been a few times that I thought it would have snagged with my ring, but they haven’t at all. Still going strong as we speak! I’m so impressed.
  • I do have to say it does feel like my legs don’t jiggle as much in these like they normally do. I’m loving this leg control – perfect when you want a bit of shaping to your legs knowing that they aren’t jiggling as you walk!


The only bad point I can say if that they don’t have reinforced toes, however they do have a sandal toe!

You may need to watch what shoes you wear with these too – I had my nude shoes (shown in the pics below) and I had to change out of them because my tights were so slippy under my feet. I love the fact that they’re like that (thinking foot massage through tights here) but I definitely cannot last a day constantly worrying if my foot is going to slip out!!!


I won’t go into detail about teaming up as these will work with anything and everything.

So would I recommend? Do I even have to say anything here?


My deets for today:

Dress – Mango

Tights – Calzedonia in France

Lace-Up Shoes – Lasula


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