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Calzedonia Star Tights

So another cute little outfit making its way onto the blog, ready for Christmas! I bought this skirt especially so I could pair it with my star tights making it the perfect office outfit!!

I managed to get these tights in the Calzedonia store a few weeks back, so fingers crossed they will still be available!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small/Medium

Denier: 20

Materials: 73% Polyamide 25% Elastane 2% Cotton

Price: £17.00

Website: Calzedonia – Tights With Stars Applied

My Outfit

I wore a black long sleeve top tucked into my silver silk-effect paperbag skirt. I added my grey patent heels to finish off the look for work. You can easily switch to silver sandals or use a pop of colour to really spice it up.

My Deets

Top: Dorothy Perkins

Skirt: H&M

Tights: Calzedonia

Shoes: Dorothy Perkins



The Review

From The Website: Women’s 20 denier sheer tights with mirrored stars applied at front part.


The Packaging: so once again these are pretty plain at the front of the packaging, with the image of the model wearing them located at the back.

Once you get in, you will find these wrapped around card, flat packed as the stars will be sitting at the front of the legs. I thought they would be wrapped around, but apparently not.

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On The Legs: so getting these on can be quite difficult if you’re taking care with the stars. They are pretty thick, and the last thing I want is them catching onto the tights whilst I’m rolling them up. I had to take extra time to make sure they sit on the legs where I want them to, and then finish my roll up to the waist with ease.

The denier being 20 is nice actually, as it still gives that sheerness but the stars do get lost a little too. Close up you can see them sparkling away, but as these are quite light, they don’t pop as much as I thought they would.

The quality of these are ok; you can’t see it in the pics below, but the tights were quite a weird texture; they weren’t as smooth as they looked and they did have weird markings on the legs when I got them on. Luckily it’s hidden but something to watch out for if you buy a pair.

The fit of these are ok; I found them to be slightly tight and I felt them slipping down now and again, which means I needed a slightly larger size. I did the best I could with pulling them up but they kept adjusting themselves so the gusset wasn’t flush against me. I would say these so run slightly small, so maybe opt for the next size up. There isn’t much stretch in these as you would like to think.

The feel of them were also ok; they weren’t exactly super smooth but had a weird feeling to them if I am honest. I can’t really describe it, but it just did really. I wasn’t gonna complain.

Now the design; it is super cute and this is a pair where you shouldn’t be afraid to dress it up or down. I wore mine with some real statement clothing, but you can always opt for something a little more toned down.

One thing I will advise is that these stars do start peeling away from the base; it happened to the ones that were on and sitting around my knees – so word of warning here to take care!


The Toes & Ankle: around the toes they did feel slightly tight but it was expected as they were running quite small for me. They’re just a plain sheer pair which you can wear with sandals and peep toes as they have no reinforcement strips going across the front.

The ankles is where the stars appear, and I made sure that this bit sat smooth and taut against the skin 🙂


The Waistband: a good thick waistband I have here, but it’s a shame that they don’t hold them up as well as I would have liked them to. I found that they sat lower than my belly button (which is a woah as I like it around this part) and they just kept on dropping. They did hug me well, but not well enough if they started slipping after a while. It also did keep its elasticity so I can’t say it loses it easily.

It’s a bit of a weird one, but hey I realised I need to go one size up with these!



My Thoughts?

Overall I think these are stunning, but the fit has ruined it for me as I spent most of my day pulling these up to sit flush against me. That really did miff me off, otherwise I absolutely love them and the way they look on the legs.


4 thoughts on “Calzedonia Star Tights

  1. Great review great legs Soni these tights look great but the idea of them slipping down is a negative to me plus the feel is a negative. Wonder how long they will sell these not long would think from your review most people will agree with you. Calzedonia had another pair of tights with silver stars not sure if you seen them they to my best guess were 40 denier and they were discontinued.

  2. Another great review and sexy legs, but your shoes really blow me away! I can’t stop looking at them, try wearing them more often 🙂