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Calzedonia Special Edition Backseam Tights

Well it’s only right that I try and get some luxury backseam tights in this blog somewhere …. and here we have the Calzedonia Special Edition ones!

I got these at a bargain price in the Calzedonia store in London (instead of paying the £18.00 that it was previously!)

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 1-2 / S-M

Denier: 20

Materials: 78% polyamide, 20% elastane, 2% cotton

Price: £18.00 / Sale £9.00


My Outfit

I kept it simple and chic in all black with this pair as I wanted to seam to do the talking for me!

I wore my polo neck bodycon dress paired with my black court suede shoes.

I added silver drop earrings and left the hair down – so this can be turned into evening dinner attire from work!

My Deets

Dress: Miss Selfridge

Tights: Calzedonia

Shoes: Dune 


The Review

The Packaging: so this is pretty luxury-looking at the front of the packaging. It’s all golden and statementy to catch your eye (and it sure did mine and I didn’t even see the design of them!)

The front gives you the lowdown of the brand and the make, and the back has the model wearing them along with a little description in carious languages about the hosiery.

Once you taken them out of the packaging, they are wrapped around card, and by the looks of it, they seem to be horizontally packed, meaning you’re gonna get the leg mould shape in them!


Out Of The Packaging: and yep you do! These are slightly moulded to a leg shape, meaning it’s gonna be easy to scrunch and roll these right onto the legs.

I love how amazing they look already, and that is before they are even on! I checked all the diamate’s on the hosiery, and every one of them in there and all intact!


Getting Them On: so you’re gonna need to be careful, but then again these gems aren’t budging for anyone so you should be ok if you are a little rough with them to be honest. I was with one leg to test them out and they were perfectly fine!

Be careful over anklets (sharp ones) if you are a pull-straight-on person, because I can see these catching to be honest rather than normal anklets.


On The Legs: oh God! Like … I just love them. I had a bad experience with the Charnos Crystal Seamed Tights previously, but these defo top those by miles! On the legs they are just super smooth, got a lovely soft (nearly silky like) feel to them and they are just a dream. They don’t like 20 when you get them out the packaging, but on the legs, they certainly do.

They hug the legs well and they don’t move around on the legs either throughout the day, regardless if you’re wearing something loose or a bodycon with them.

I love the way the backseam is just killing it at the back there!

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The Backseam: well…. can I just let the pictures do the talking for me here?

I am in awe of them to be honest; they are such a classy piece all because of this backseam if I am honest. The seam starts from the top ankle at the back and ends just under the bum.

Now the great thing about these is that they don’t dig into your skin so much when you sit down on them; if anything you can’t really feel them!

The seam itself is decent; the gems are properly glued on and won’t be falling off as easily as you think. Once again I was picking at them to see what they would be like if I did it the whole day, and they were still going strong.

I did have to admit they went slightly wonky during the day, but nothing that you can’t pull down and just adjust back again. It only happened once, and after the adjustment they stayed put the whole day!


The Toes & Ankles: so the toes I would like to think that they are reinforced but I highly doubt they are. They are comfortable, enough wiggle room and no rips or snags from being in them all day either. They don’t have any extra materials surrounding them either and you won’t find any pressure around the toes wearing these, so you’re all good in this area!

The same goes for the ankle area; no creasing, no crinkling; all lovely and smooth here!


The Waistband: is super comfortable due to the material. The band is quite a thick one, and even so, these don’t fall down or roll over itself at any stage either. Like the other Calzedonia pairs I have reviewed, these are a decent band which will keep your hosiery up and against you all day like it should!

The gusset is a normal cotton one, so it’s all good for you commando-ers!



My Thoughts?

If you’re into your backseams, try and get hold of a pair whilst you can because these are so worth it. I love the elegant glam they got going on and the quality is decent too!

No snags or rips or anything throughout the day, and well… they make your legs just look fabulous!

A perfect piece to wear during the day, or maybe pair with a classy dress in the evening and let your hosiery have your back covered!

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  1. Sheer and sealed with added sparkle finished off with heels
    360° camera should be top of your shopping list