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Calzedonia Sheer Shiny Effect Tights (Part 1)

So this blog is part 1 of 2 – on the second day of London I decided to layer up as I wasn’t too sure what the weather would be like, so my sheer tights and over knee socks came out to play!

I decided to go neutral as I really wanted to wear these socks I bought from Dress My Legs, and thought my cute little number would go perfectly!

Once again, we were doing treks all over London; saw Buckingham Palace, went to Oxford Street for shopping, pretended to be rich in Mayfair and just had a blast. The worst part was how much my feet were killing and we were going out for a meal later on (this meant heels for me!) as all I had brought was these trainers and a pair of strappy heels (I wanted to try not packing so many shoes in this time, and it failed in my eyes!)

So let’s bring on the tights element in this blog!

The Spec

Colour: Bronze

Size: 1/2 (Small/Medium)

Denier: 20

Price: £7.00 / Sale £3.50

Website: Calzedonia


My Outfit

So I went cute and decided to do a crop front jumper, along with a high waisted skater skirt with a button front, teamed with these tights and over knee socks and finished with big gold hoops and my trainers once again.

I left my hair down as it has too much product in to style it, and finished it off with a bowler hat (until the wind blew it off later, so I had to hold it the whole way!)

My Deets

Jumper: H&M

Skirt: H&M

Tights: Calzedonia

Socks: Dress My Legs (in tomorrow’s blog)

Trainers: Adidas

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Please do excuse the fluff on my skirt, I didn’t have a lint roller on me and rolling all over the bed did not help!


The Review

Before I begin, I got to say I had a lot of fun in these tights, and you’ll see why later on…

The Packaging: this is one that is actually wrapped in plastic for a change! It has a small window at the front showing the colour shade of the tights and the back is all the jargon! However, this time around, they actually have a small little statement:

“Shiny sheer through waist waist tights, with comfort waistband, cotton gusset, flat seams and sandal toe.” – this was under the white label!


The Waistband: is a pic I haven’t taken with me wearing it this time. Hubby was in the room and kept giving me death stares when I was about the take the pic of it on me, so I decided to use a shot I took earlier instead. It’s a lovely thick band once again, and it doesn’t hug you too tight either. It sits just above the belly button on me, but I’m sure you can make it lower (or higher) if you wish!



The Toes: are so lovely on these. I won’t go into too much detail about the denier right now, but all you need to know is they they’re s lovely shiny sheer, and they feel so good – to the point that they slip in my sandals I wore later in the evening! They’re a sandal toe, so perfect for getting those amazing tootsies out!



The Denier: is something to brag about here. And I mean I was fully amazed! So you expect just shiny sheer right, nice subtle thing… Well you’re in for a shock!

This is what it was in normal light…


And this is what it is when the sun / flash hits it…


I was stunned to see that when I walked out of the hotel and into the sun. The worst part was that I had my legs covered all day, but the thigh that was exposed (as well as some of my very top thigh) showed this gorgeous gloss!

“It’s so magical!!”

I was seriously amazed at the quality of these tights; it states 20 denier, but these are thick enough to feel like 40 without even trying! Getting them on and off, you will find that these aren’t your average and I think this is where the Lycra part comes into play!

Even if you did snag them, it wouldn’t be so noticeable due to the how sheer they are on the legs. So in the sun or inside a club, these are so worth getting just for that gloss!


The Look & Feel: is just to die for. I got to say they are so soft and so smooth, your legs are slipping kind of soft! I love the way they feel on my legs and how they give that lovely bronze shimmer (perfect if you’re a person who tans a lot) – these are just what you need to give yourself when you want something instant!



Overall Thoughts?

If you can get hold of a pair, then I suggest you grab them. They are so worth having, especially with summer coming. I’m not a fan of fake tanning, but this is something to make my legs look like a dream come true without even trying!

I love the quality, love the bronze shimmer and love how stunning they look on! Total winner here!



Now onto Part 2 – the over knee socks!

One thought on “Calzedonia Sheer Shiny Effect Tights (Part 1)

  1. I love the knee high tights combo, it really makes your legs and thighs stand out, how do you cope over summer wearing tights???