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Calzedonia Polka Dot Sock-Effect Tights

And now it’s time to work on Calze! I have to admit I bought these in Jan this year and have kept them to one side waiting for the right moment to pull them out!

These are so cute and so funky, and so damn awesome in my eyes. I haven’t seen a pair like this at all anywhere, so glad I came across these on the Calzedonia website!

 The Spec

Size: 1/2 S/M

Colour: Nero / Black

Price: £9.50 / Sale £4.75

Bought From: no longer on the Calzedonia website


My Outfit

Yes I am in black once again, but the weather is so icy and so cold, I wanted to keep myself warm as possible; I always feel I do when I wear black!

To be honest here I even wore and underneath cami top and a mini black skirt just to keep me warm!

So it looks kinda vampish but I love it – long black split maxi dress along with black court shoes and a black leather choker and hair down and fluffy to finish off the look.

You can always add a pop of colour on the lips or with your shoes to lift the dark look!

My Deets

Dress: off eBay

Tights: Via Calzedonia website

Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

Choker: Claire’s Accessories


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The Review

Packaging: Now a lot of Calzedonia packaging tends to be very basic; simple thick paper for the outer packaging and the tights wrapped around a sturdy cardboard piece in the middle. It doesn’t show the design of the tights anywhere on the packaging, so it’s one of those that you need to get into to see what you have bought.

I had to go back onto my order on the website, search for the code (which is stated at the back) and then find out what they look like as I couldn’t do that with them there in my hand! So I would suggest you jot down or print off what you have bought as you won’t know when you get them!

Not much is actually stated on the front or back of the packaging, so I won’t go into detail here. the worst part is that I can’t pull anything of the website for you as the tights were on sale and are no longer available from them, so will have to tell you as I go along!


Getting Inside: I would seriously advise using hosiery gloves on these as they are very fine and delicate, so the last thing you want is a nasty little snag ruining them before they’re on your legs!

They’re wrapped neatly which is always a bonus but you still can’t see the design unless you open them up and hold them up in lighting – I had to do that against the window so I knew what my review was going to be about this morning.


Getting The On: once again make sure those gloves are still on and be careful of any anklets too. Mine are normally ok, but these are around 20 denier tights and can still snag easily! I love the way that the design strops right at the ankle and then becomes sheer all the way to the waist!

Oh and before I forget scrunch and roll was used on both legs – I was certainly not going to risk it this morning by pulling one leg up!


The Waistband: is decent, sturdy and holds up all day. I haven’t had a problem with these at all, and love the fact that it’s sheer right to the top. It means that mini everything can be pulled out to play! It’s a thin band which sits around the stomach area, but nothing that digs in so it’s comfortable!


The Toes: is sheer as anything and definitely not reinforced in any way. The design is all around the toes, so perfect for getting those hosiery covered toes out into some sandals. Mine were court shoes so you could only see it from the middle of the foot upwards! The seam sits lovely just under the toe nails and they haven’t moved or been tugged back when I’ve been walking so that’s always a bonus.


Polka Dots & Sheers: is such an amazing combination. I love the whole sock effect which works for those who aren’t too keen on ankle socks and bare legs. I’m one of them but trying to break out of it and experiment with different styles for summer. As I mentioned before, you’re looking at 20 sheers with 40-60 denier polka dots on the feet, which makes them pop out and be the eye-catcher. Perfect for those who love their feet!


The feel of these are so great – lovely and smooth and my dress just glides against my legs so a winner here! I don’t mind tights that end up catching the material and clinging on, but when you have something flowy on, the last thing you want is it sticking to you and ruining the look of the outfit.


Now I have to mention that I did end up snagging these at the end of the day – right near the polka dot part as well – not impressed here! so I would be careful where you wear these as it’s such a gorgeous design!


Overall Thoughts?

I love them – I love the quality, the look, and that amazing design. It works as a statement piece for the shoes as well as the tights. It’s a lovely finish on the tights (even though they snagged) and it works well with the trend at the moment too – it may not be nets but socks and sandals are the ones at the moment with summer coming up so something to consider!

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