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Calzedonia Pearl Fashion Socks

Back into socks we go. I got this cute pair gifted by my sister for Xmas so as the weather is still topsy-turvy, I thought it would be good to get them out now to style on those days where trousers and jeans have to suffice.

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: One Size

Price & Website: Unknown

The Review

The Packaging: these were bough in store, so it’s normal to expect them to come with minimal packaging. There isn’t much detail to them to be honest, so I shall move on…


Getting Them On: these are super soft, like a baby’s first bear, so I know these are gonna be gorgeous to wear!

They were easy enough to get on, and you don’t need gloves for these either. I would take care though with any sharp anklets.


On The Feet: oh they are divine. These literally feel like luxe socks with that cashmere silky feel touch to them (both inside and out). I loved the way they hug the feet and don’t move around once you start walking around in them. I sometimes find smooth socks to be slippery in shoes so they start twisting and moving about. These certainly don’t do that.

As I mentioned, they are soft to touch, both inside and out. I don’t know the denier of these, but I do know that you get a lovely solid block colour to them with a lovely satin-like finish to them. I am really crushing over these!

You can easily pair these with pumps, booties, open toe heels and certainly court shoes. They are such a playful pair; simple with a subtle statement. In some images, these actually end up looking like booties not realising it’s socks and shoes.


The Toes & Ankle: I felt like I have enough room in the toe part; no added pressure and no extra material hanging around the sides of the toes. They have a gorgeous comfort fit, and these are super stretchy so you don’t have to worry about sizing. These are the type that cling.

With the ankles, I sat mine quite high to begin with (meaning the highest it goes) but I did slightly push them down so they weren’t super smooth on the ankles. I find that placement is everything dependent on your height; the higher the ankle socks, the more stubbier my leg looks. So I like to crinkle down now and again.



My Thoughts?

They are super adorable, and I know these are currently on sale too! If you can purchase a pair, then do so as these are certainly worth it if you’re into fashion socks!