Calzedonia · Hosiery

Calzedonia Patterned Short Cotton Socks

And here’s to another day in socks! It’s quite a nice change being in socks seeing as the weather is warming up finally! It’s been so up and down lately, I actually can’t pull out anything summer because all it wants to do is chuck it down on the days you actually go in wearing a nice skirt and a small jacket!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: One size

Price: Sale £4.00

Website: Calzedonia


My Outfit

Once again I am in ponte leggings with these along with a statement jumper! I got this at the hospital when stall holders come and sell goods and I couldn’t resist – a coat jumper for £6 instead of their usual RRP! It was too good to miss!

I teamed up with my pumps as my feet are still killing me and can’t walk properly, otherwise it would have been my court shoes to finish the look.

I added a leather choker and small drop down earrings to make it look a little more on the smart side and left my hair down and out!

My Deets

Jumper: Coast

Leggings: Next

Earrings: Dorothy Perkins

Choker: Claire’s Accessories

Pumps: Dorothy Perkins



The Review

So these came posted in a clear plastic bag, but were actually open as seen below, so they are easily prone to getting snags. I already had one from it catching against other packaging in the same bag so wasn’t too pleased about that.

Not much to say about them at the front or back, apart from a lot of writing in all languages apart from English; I am sure it’s in there somewhere!



They came folded in half, which means you can easily just scrunch and line up. Some people might find that weird but I find it helps – each to their own!


They look huge to begin with I know – hubby though it would fit his size 10 feet!! But when you get them on they just grip your feet and encase them in this lovely but slightly rough material!


I love the contrast between the toes, heel and the rest of the foot, so to fully show these off, they need to be in a pair of open toe sandals. I know I covered the majority of the design by being in pumps, but I did roll up my leggings so you could see the top trim of them and that was my statement at the bottom!


Around the toes it’s a nice thick material, but slightly rough due to the silver bits in there. Not too sure of the term, but as you can see, it’s slightly like lurex but with foily bits in – that’s the best way to describe it.

The heel is just the same, but the best thing is that you don’t feel the itchiness on your skin at all.

The top trim is a small band, but holds up so well; it hasn’t budged all day!


The material encasing the feet is rough to touch, but it’s so smooth at the same time. It’s one of those when you rub it one way, it’s rough and when you rub another way it’s smooth. I don’t know the term once again, but it’s like a thick denier.


These do snag quite easy as I mentioned earlier, so do be careful what footwear you team them up with!


Let me fill you in on something; these don’t make your feet perspire either. Being in pumps all day and on my feet too, I expected them to sweat at little at least, but they have kept them pretty dry and normal! Total winner!!!


Overall Thoughts

They’re simple but a statement in themselves. I love the way it just added to my outfit and whether you do these like I have or with a skirt or dress in summer, it would just work. Socks and sandals are my next task!!