Calzedonia · Hosiery

Calzedonia Patterned Floral Socks

Sorry lovelies, I know it’s not a Fishnet Friday for me, but I have a pair of lace socks to rock out instead for you all!

I had to come up with a proper title for this blog as Calzedonia only stated on their website that these are patterned socks – not a big help is it for someone who is trying to find them?!

I’m having a lazy day today doing my coursework Normally when I’m at home I’m either in hosiery or joggers (and sometimes both), but whenever I am in joggers, I am always in a pair of socks and slippers or trainers. I decided to grab these pair and do a blog on the outfit as well as a review on the socks.

I know socks and sandals / shoes are a major in thing, but I wanted to show you all that it doesn’t always have to be that. You can team them up with trainers, sneakers, loafers – just any footwear!

I’m not a major sock fan, but I do really like cute ones like these for instance and previous blogs I have done on them! It can make a difference to your outfit, or just basically add to them.

The Spec

Colour: 3331 / Rose Biscotto

Size: One Size

Material: 97% Polyamide / 7% elastane

Price: £3.50 / Sale £1.75

Website: Calzedonia

My Outfit

I wore a pink cami top, with my cropped low drop jogging bottoms, and I added my white (well dirty as heck) converses.

I kept it really casual by just adding studs to the outfit and just threw a jacket on when I was going out.

My Deets

Top: New Look

Joggers: Forever21

Socks: Calzedonia

Trainers: Converses



The Review

Packaging: so once again they came open packed (this is what they look like below) – there is no outer packaging on them protecting the socks.


When I opened them out, this what they look like before they go on. I have to admit they do look longer than ankle length but then again it could be totally different when they’re on your feet!


The Toes: are covered with lace from the seam to the band. These aren’t reinforced and I would watch out for long toenails in these as they would rip through if there’s a lot of pressure on them. There is plenty of wiggle room in them as well!


Ankle Band: is comfortable as anything! These don’t fall down once they’re on! It does sit just above my ankle bone, but this could depend on how your feet are shaped etc! The cutest thing about these socks are the small little frills that are on top of the band – it just gives it a little more rather than a straight cut off


Pattern & Design: is something I thought I was keen on, but seeing them on my feet I;m not too sure about them. I thought the colour would be really nice on me, but when I did get them on, I realised they weren’t really for me in the end. I do love the design of them – very soft, feminine, dainty. It would work so well with pastel coloured footwear or even bold and making these the subtle addition.


Feel & Look: these do feel great on; very soft and very comfortable. If they were more on the nude side with the floral pattern being bolder, I think I would have liked them a little more. Oh and another thing I will mention is that you can slip around in these socks; we have laminated flooring in our room, which I nearly slid across to get my slippers!

“So word of advice – don’t walk around in just these!!!!”


Overall Thoughts?

I think these are a lovely pair, but the colour isn’t too my liking if I am honest. I got them in the sale to try them out as I wanted to get into socks a little more, but these are something that I would rather have bought in black or grey.

They’re comfortable, pretty awesome quality as they don’t snag easy (and if you did, you wouldn’t really notice it) and they fit like a dream. They do crinkle a little around the ankle where it bends, but otherwise they do look great on!