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Calzedonia Patterned Cotton Socks (Style: 6381)

So my thoughts on patterned socks? They rock!! – if worn the right way! I love the whole socks and sandals idea that is currently trending but I have come across some looks which I think look horrible (thicker socks with chunky sandals) are not a good look in my eyes. I prefer sheer socks with heels or open sandals or slightly darker in denier but always with a pair of heels! It gives it that cute but sexy look to the outfit! – Oh and can’t forget the hosiery under it all being the main base!!

In this blog I decided to rock my patterned socks with my very formal outfit. I was going to do a dress at first, but then though let’s do one where I actually am covered and the socks will be my focal point!

 The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: One size

Price: £4.00

Bought From: Calzedonia UK


My Outfit

To make the socks the focal point, I kept the rest of my very plain and simple; well not so simple with the corset belt on my shirt, but close enough. I absolutely love this shirt; massive collars, huge sleeves and that belt as a finishing touch is just amazeballs!

I added my Ponte leggings with it (these also have a corset belt on them which is hidden under the shirt) and then my T-bar shoes.

I was really undecided between my new Steve Madden stud heels and my T-bar, but I ended up rocking my T-bar to work instead. I want to just cherish the new shoes before I step out in them!


I kept the top of my really simple; hair up in a messy bun and pearl earrings. You can also add a small pendant necklace or something with a slight drop.

My Deets

Shirt: Next

Leggings: Next

Socks: Calzedonia

Shoes: Principles



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The Review

The Cardboard: is what is holding the socks in place. They aren’t in any plastic wrapping, just the cardboard with the brand name at the front and then the materials mentioned at the back. Simple, basic and the socks speak for themselves.


Getting Them On: is super easy. As these are folded flat, they’re dead easy to get on if I am honest. If they are folded horizontally, then I would think ‘why make life hard?’

Up Close: I found there are a few bobbly bits inside the socks against the lines where you can notice it. I tried not to let it bother me, but it was mega hard I tell you!



The Look & Feel: The best thing is that these are ultra-sheer so it makes the design stand out even more if I’m honest. It’s very structured which I absolutely love about them and why it works so well with the outfit! The one thing I wasn’t too keen on but began to love was the toe and heel area; it’s a black block patch, but then I found wearing with my T-bars it worked so well. it gave that extra something compared to if it was that strip design all the way around. Plus you know for sure that these are reinforced and will last a lot longer than if they were sheers!


The feel of them are lovely; you do feel the design at the top (which does leave marks behind on the feet), but they’re so comfortable to wear and be in. your feet don’t sweat (surprisingly) unless you’re in closed shoes or boots, and they were really soft too. You wouldn’t think they are; even I was amazed, but I really do like them!


The Band On Top: held these in place all day without twizzling around. They didn’t fall once or move, they were just well behaved!! The band is comfy to wear but does leave the band mark behind after wearing them for a long period of time.


Overall Thoughts?

I think this will be something that I will be wearing a lot more, but will try them with tights now. I did these just as bare socks, but layering you cannot go wrong, so it would be nice to see what it looks like with a gloss underneath or a plain black sheer. It actually reminds me of the polka dot tights I posted a while back that are tights but the polka dots made it look like I was wearing socks. I love that effect and think it’s a brilliant idea!