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Calzedonia Patchwork Fishnet Tights

And bring on a pair I have seen all over Calzedonia’s website and Instagram and Facebook! It is a pair that I absolutely love – with how bold they are and the attitude it has going on!

I gotta say I do really like the patterns Calzedonia has; they tend to be very unique and styles you don’t see other companies re-create in their own way.

So this review is focused more on the tights than it is my outfit just so you’re aware 🙂

These were also gifted from my Amazon Wishlist 🙂

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: S/M

Denier: Unknown

Materials: Polyamide: 80%, Elastane: 20%

Price: £11.00

Website: Amazon – Calzedonia Womens Patchwork fishnet tights


The Review

From The Website: Women’s fishnet tights with patchwork motif.

Autumn-Winter 2018
Suitable for: Women
Polyamide: 80%, Elastane: 20%
Machine wash cold with like colors – Do not bleach – Do not tumble dry – Do not iron – Do not dry-clean – Line dry
Material Composition: Polyamide: 80%, Elastane: 20%



The Packaging: so if you don’t know by now, the Calzedonia packaging can vary. It either comes flat in a slimline packaging, or it comes as below. You don’t see the model wearing them or anything, so it does make it a tad harder.

From the images below, these come flat packed with card slipped inside so you can see the pattern. It wasn’t too bad getting them out as the card was smooth enough to just pull out with ease (I say this as you get some stubborn ones which actually end up snagging the hosiery).



On The Legs: so these are looking pretty damn nice I gotta say on the legs! They are so bold and out there – I LOVE IT!

The denier is really thick – I am not too sure how high they are but they are thick and lovely enough to withstand a few accidental pulls. I managed to do a few at work but they stayed intact and didn’t rip or anything – one happy panda here!

The fit and feel of them are great; they are super stretchy and start off pretty tight, which means they hug the legs so well! As these aren’t really symmetrical, you don’t need to worry about the tights twisting (I am still anal about this and will make sure they sit right on me!)

The design is just amazing; a proper statement piece I have to say! I paired mine with a ribbed bodycon skirt, but I will surely be wearing these with something satin to really make them pop!

Now please excuse the heels as I know they are sitting slightly too big on me (this is so I don’t get any blisters at the back of the foot!)


The Waistband: so I have a negative point to make here about the band on these; these are way too baggy on the waist and doesn’t sit well at all.

They were like this to begin with and basically – they slipped down a hell of a lot during the day. The gusset didn’t sit flush against me and was making its way near the thighs instead! I was pretty disappointed with this as I expected them to be pretty tight fitting to hold up the netting.



My Thoughts?

So the band was a complete let down I have to say – and frankly I wouldn’t recommend buying them if the pairs are gonna be like this. The main purpose is to make sure they hold the hosiery up well and basically make it like you’re not wearing any rather than falling down your legs making it super uncomfortable.

I do love the design and the quality of them, but it’s a shame really!

3 thoughts on “Calzedonia Patchwork Fishnet Tights

  1. Love the design of these and seeing them on your legs the design looks even better. Always a plus actually seeing someone wearing something you would think about buying. Now as far as the review after reading I would agree with the downside the waist band and sliding down. Calzedonia brand would think these would be of better quality for the price myself after reading would give these a 2 star rating for the rolldown and sliding down. I have had other hose that did this and was irritating comfort, quality is the key feature.