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Calzedonia Leather Effect Leggings

And roll on Monday babes! I finally got a pair of Calzedonia leggings to try out (and once again bought from Berlin!) I remember seeing these in London but they didn’t have my size available, so I managed to bag them abroad!

I’ve done a few faux leather leggings previously and they always went down a treat, so I thought let’s experiment with other colours apart from black (for a damn change!)

Dolci Calze Leggings

Gatta New York 01 Leggings (Navy)

The Spec

Colour: Burgundy – 018

Size: Small

Materials: MAIN FABRIC: 89% Polyester 11% Elastane COATING: 100% Polyurethane

Price: £25.00

Website: Calzedonia – Leather Effect Leggings


My Outfit

I decided to go for something light and girly rather than dress it dark (like I normally would do). I wore my white shirt dress (with a tie belt so you get that cute ruffle thing going on at the bottom) with some gold statement boots. I added gold drop earrings as I didn’t wear a necklace like I normally would do.

Once again I left my hair down – I did have it up most of the day but then it peed me off with the wind so down it goes!

My Deets

Shirt Dress: off eBay

Leggings: Calzedonia

Booties: Next





The Review

From The Website: Leather-effect elasticated waist leggings.

  • MAIN FABRIC: 89% Polyester 11% Elastane
  •  COATING: 100% Polyurethane
  • Hand wash cold separately
  • Do not iron
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not dry-clean
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Dry flat


The Packaging: seeing as I bought these in-store, these didn’t have any outer packaging. They were on hangers (some gathering dust!)


Getting Them On: as these are pretty fitted, you may need to scrunch and roll them up so there’s less faff later on. I found it was easier to do that than pull up on the leg as it kept getting stuck and I had to proper tug in some parts. So save yourself the hassle and get gliding on instead 🙂



On The Legs: a lovely smooth appearance like sausages! They hug the legs so well without it over-stretching anywhere. I went for the next size up as I found that XS on me was too tight on the thighs and it wrinkled too much whereas this gives a more slimmer look. You may need to wear these a few times to get rid of the folds that wer there previously; I had to hang them straight for a few dys so the creases fall out as much as they could so it wouldn’t look too bad on the legs.

I am in love with the colour as well; it shines darker in the night light but during the day it’s a lovely burgandy / wine colour depending on the light, which means you can pair quite a few colours with this rather than sticking whites or blacks.




The Fit: okay so from the waist down to the calves they fit is just great; it hugs so well on the lgs but not too much where it starts to look like squashed sausages, The ankles is where I had the problem; it didnt sit flush against the skin and was quite baggy which I wasn’t too happy about. I thought my feet may have stretched it at first, but these are like that. I suppose it’s because you need to be able to get into them and if they were too fitted at the bottom, you wouldn’t be able to get them on with ease.

Another thing that caught my eye was that these have faint markings on them. I don’t know if these had to do with being in them all day and things brushing past my leg. But I did notice that it was going down on leg for sure and no rubbing it was gonna get it to go.




The Waistband: so damn comfy! These sit around the belly button area, and they stay put all day! The band itself isn’t too thick but is decent and doesn’t budge at all. They sit flush against you so you can wear anything with these and not have to worry about any bulgy seams or baggyness!

The only thing I will mention is that if you are hot, then these will stick to you and you have to ‘peel’ them awy from your skin. It’s not like it hurts or anything but just a forewarning!



My Thoughts?

I managed to get a direct link for you all, so if you can get yourself a pair. I love them and they’re perfect to wear almost any time of the year (minus summer maybe!).

I love the look, the feel and how they fit on the legs. The quality is decent minus those little mishaps I found, and overall these are worth it if you’re a heavy legging wearer! I’m not too much but like to rock them out now and again, and I am glad I managed to get a pair like this!

One thought on “Calzedonia Leather Effect Leggings

  1. The Thermal leather legging that I have purchased from Calzedonia Zorlu Center has started to peel after 2 wears. I have returned the product to the store but was informed that as I did not have the receipt nothing can be done. This was not my first purchase of this type of legging as I wore the leather effect leggings for a long time with no problems. The clear indifference and disregard of customer happiness of Calzedonia is frankly very disappointing. I, myself, am in Textile industry as a producer / exporter to many High-end brands and we as the producers are expected to stand behind our products’ quality.