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Calzedonia Glitter Flock Rose Tulle Tights




So this week I decided to dedicate to Calzedonia as I love their winter pieces! I managed to get hold of some from their stored rather than shopping online and waiting ages to get my hands on them.

If you find it hard to get to a store, their online website is fab, so I have included a link below where you can get these directly to stop you from store hunting!

Right so Day 1 entails glitter roses on tulle tights… Bring it on!

The Spec

Colour: Black – 3749

Size: 2 / Small

Materials: 87% Polyamide 13% Elastane

Price: £17.00

Website: Calzedonia – Glitter Flock Rose Tulle Tights


My Outfit

Let’s bring out the nets to play! I wanted to go quite heavy with it, so I wore my black lace shire (with a cami underneath) along with my stone suede skirt as the cut off piece and then back to nets on the lower half.

I added simple court shoes as I didn’t want to go too OTT with this as the lace and net was enough.

I wore pearl studs to finish off the look, but you can always add more if you feel like it.

My Deets

Shirt: H&M

Skirt: Primark

Shoes: Gifted via Amazon


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The Review

From The Website: Women’s tulle tights with glittered flock rose details.

87% Polyamide 13% Elastane

Machine wash cold with like colors
Do not iron
Do not bleach
Dry clean
Do not tumble dry
Dry flat


The Packaging: as I bought it from the store, it was open packaging which means you could touch and feel the hosiery before you buy. Then again, when you order online it does come open sometimes (as seen below). It doesn’t give you much detail on either side, but then again if you’re in store you will see them on the leg models anyways.



Getting Them On: so these are interesting as they are tulle tights, they aren’t like other hosiery I have tried on before. They are more netted like a mesh feel and they band is so different too. It’s like they wanna be leggings but aren’t quite there yet!
I found that these can just be pulled straight up if you wish – I rolled one leg and pulled up on the other and they go on so nicely (including over anklets!)



On The Legs: now on the legs they are so gorgeous. They just transform and don’t even look like that netty mesh before you get them on. They sit quite weird I have to admit as the toe section isn’t how you expect them to be. I will explain that bit later.

Because they have a side seam, don’t expect this to sit perfect all day’ mine ended up going so wonky on both legs from the side of the ankle ending up as a backseam on the thigh… and there is nothing that you can do to stop that either!



The Toes: I have to say I have a bit to talk about in this section; the toes! right so the angle of them are so weird; they aren’t like your regular hosiery where it’s a flat patch going across. These are pointed where you big toes ends up in the corner and then it angles down the toes instead. It is weird but I suppose with hosiery that is knitted like this, it wouldn’t work well with flat seams.


Anyways, so there is plenty of wiggle room and your toes don’t feel cramped (even though it may seem it) and no snags or rips so even better!


The only downside is when you take them off – there is so much fluff and glitter left behind which is so annoying. I couldn’t even dust it off and had to rinse it off with water!



The Waistband & Gusset: So let me move onto the waistband and how different this is compared to other hosiery; it’s an elastic band .. and actual one!


These sit around the belly button area which is what I would expect and to be honest they hardly move after. They stay up so well and there is enough elasticity in them too, so they’re not tightly squeezing you during the day.


The gusset – there isn’t really one. There is a panel where it should be but it’s all sheer and netty, which I believe wouldn’t feel too great against your private area during the day.



The Denier & Pattern: I love the denier of these (you’re looking around a 20-30 when they’re on the legs) and the glitter pattern is just so gorgeous and elegant, but enough to rock at a party!


The only downfall is that these leave a lot of residue, and when I say that, I mean I was leaving black dusty patches along with glitter all over my work chair, the bed, the damn floor. It goes everywhere so I do need to mention you may want to keep a dustpan and brush handy to clear up after the leggy mess!


The design starts right from the toes up to the waistband so short shorts and skirts can be worn with ease knowing that you’re not gonna be showing any cut off lines.



The Feel On The Legs: they do feel great to be honest. It’s not a rough or grainy mesh and the floral pattern is a smooth as it can be, especially the glitter sections. I love the net and it’s perfect if you’re willing to shave those stubbles away for winter (these do cover it up nicely and still make those legs look fab!)

I have to say they don’t snag as easily as I thought they would; they have some good durability to them which is always a bonus!



My Thoughts?

Totally feeling these tights, but the only thing that puts me off is that they just dust themselves everywhere which is a right pain in the bum. The last thing I want is my clothes covered in it from the waist down and leaving little trails of it everywhere.

The quality is amazing; they held out well all day and the denier is fab for covering those little marks and imperfections on the legs, but still giving a nice sheerness.

3 thoughts on “Calzedonia Glitter Flock Rose Tulle Tights

  1. Hi soni, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you ☺ I have been following your blog for quite awhile now, your blog and your reviews are amazing, thank you.
    I have a question, something that didnt occur to me before… do you wash your hosiery before wearing them, if not, why dont you? It would seem to me that if these tights were washed before wearing them then maybe you wouldn’t have the glitter and black dye problem?
    I don’t usually wash mine before wearing either, the only ones that i wash before wearing is the L’eggs brand, I find them to be very nice on the legs as well as you can get quite a few wearings out of them, but…. when you first take them out of their box they have a very strong musty odor which i find a bit revolting, if you don’t wash them you can smell it all day long. Also even after s couple washes the odor is still there.

    Thanks for being you soni, you are awesome ☺
    A dedicated hosiery wearer,

  2. Great looking legs and the tights look great very fashionable. Washing them is good Idea to get rid of the dusty problem but would wash off lots of the glitter which myself wouldn’t want to happen. The glitter look is another aspect that adds to the loo and don’t want that..