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Calzedonia Glitter Butterfly Tights

Now have I got the cutest pair for you all today to review! I got these off their website, so if you’re quick you may be able to get yourselves a pair!

Now I know these would be classed more as Spring / Summer tights, but I was too eager to try them out instead of waiting for it to warm up!

I’m trying so hard not to delve into too much detail here, but I loved this review and I hope you all do too!

The Spec

Colour: Nude

Size: S/M

Denier: 15

Materials: 69% Polyamide 29% Elastane 2% Cotton

Price: £16.00 / Sale £8.00

Website: Calzedonia – Glitter Butterfly Tights


My Outfit

As I wanted it to mainly be about the tights today rather than the outfit, I just showed my amazing Chinese-orientated skirt along with a pair of patent nude pink studded heels which I thought worked really well!

My Deets

Skirt: New Look

Tights: Calzedonia

Shoes: via Amazon



The Review

From The Website: 15 denier sheer tights with glitter butterfly detail at the side of the leg.

69% Polyamide 29% Elastane 2% Cotton

Machine wash cold with like colors
Do not iron
Do not bleach
Dry clean
Do not tumble dry
Dry flat


The Packaging:so their packaging  is pretty basic at the front; it doesn’t show the design or anything until you turn to the back where the model is wearing them. The front just mentions that they are fashion tights.

The back doesn’t go into much detail either; sizing, materials, care etc.



Getting Them On: once you get inside you will find these neatly wrapped with the butterfly design facing outwards. I have to say I didn’t expect them to be like this at all; they’re 3D style like they’re stuck on!


I half expected them to be some printed design on the tights around the ankle, but this completely threw me. Now it just means I gotta be extra careful when doing the scrunch and roll on them, making sure that I don’t mess it up!


Now as these are shaped to your legs, it will easy to scrunch and roll them rather than them being flat packed.


On the right leg which is plain, do what you gotta do. With the left side that had the design, you may need to scrunch and little and then just pull on as much as you can around the feet. It will be a little awkward, but it just means the design isn’t affected.


Now as you can tell on the image above, this completely gives your legs a make-up look; it gives it that gorgeous flawless finish adding a slight bit of tan but keeping it real simple! I love it when hosiery does it as it looks like you’re not wearing any at all!



On The Legs: these are just dreamy. I haven’t come across a pair this good in a long time, and I am so glad I didn’t wait to review them either.

So to touch, they are super soft and silky smooth to the point your legs are gliding off one another.

The way they fit is just divine; they hug the legs so well and there is no gapping anywhere either. They are literally like a second skin on the legs if I am honest; they look barely there anyways and my legs have had a tan and some butterflies stuck to it!

The denier is just perfect for that flawless finish; it actually looks like my legs are normally like this. This reminds me of the Gatta BB Tights that I reviewed where they gave it that make-up finish! You know I love them with how many pictures I have taken compared to my other blogs; I couldn’t take enough to be honest .. And with the skirt and heels, it was just perfect!

Now enjoy the slideshow below 😉 …


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The Butterflies: oh God where do I start? okay so these are some sold butterflies which is why I found it hard to scrunch and roll my hosiery up this morning. But once they are on the legs, they just stay put.

They are just adorable and perfect to wear with summer outfits. The only thing I would say is that as these are bluey shades, it might be hard to pair with other colours, unless you just don’t give a cr*p and do it anyways! It went really well with my skirt and the heels being neutral, but I would experiment with other colours to see if I can still pair up as good.

Now let me tell you a little secret; I have been picking at these just to see if they would eventually start to come away from the hosiery. And I can happily say that these are not going anywhere unless you really yank them. I wanted to test them out to see if it was just a novelty thing, but they are on good and proper!


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The Toes & Ankles: no complaints whatsoever. There is enough wiggle room, the toe section isn’t reinforced so do be careful with long nails. These are perfect to wear with anything open toe or peep toe if you aren’t that comfortable.

Around the ankles, there is no gathering at all; just a lovely smooth finish is just what we like … And that is what you will get with these!



The Waistband & Gusset: once again I am impressed with their waistband. They know, most of us are after comfortable bands, and they clearly aim to please hey?! These sit around belly button level on me and stay put all day. There is no rolling on itself or slipping down during the day either. In fact, it gets to a point you forget you have a waistband on!

The gusset is a cotton one, reinforcement around it, so you’re all good to go commando-ers!



My Thoughts?

Can you please buy a pair just to make me happy and then tell me when you do? I absolutely love them/

I love the denier, I love the quality of them (no snags either) and I certainly love the look and feel. They are just a cute summer pair for those who don’t like being in hosiery (because it doesn’t even look like you have a pair on) and for those who do and want something to make their legs look outstanding and have a lovely tan look to them!

I cannot get enough of them; I actually will be keeping these aside for summer and wearing with open toe sandals!

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  1. I follow you on IG , (dfsjunkie) you represent the nylon and pantyhose fetish community the best out of anyone I have followed since joining IG keep up the great work and the super sexy pics.