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Calzedonia Floral Pattern Tulle Tights

Okay so these next few blogs is mainly what I got upto on my sister’s birthday weekend, what I wore and the everything else!

I decided to go smart casual and then ended up changing 3x later because I did not know what I actually wanted to wear – I mean I was spoilt for choice with new clothes, old clothes, clothes that have been sitting there screaming to be worn.

So I decided to just grab a jumper and pair with my shorts, these tights and my trainers as I knew a lot of walking was coming!

Most of you know (following my Instastory) that I was in London for the weekend, so got to see a lot of gorgeous views, the nightlife and everything else that comes with it!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 1/2 (Small/Medium)

Price: £11.00

Website: Calzedonia

My Outfit

So to begin with (and what I photographed) was my sheer white with love hearts printed all over shirt, along with my frilly shorts and paired with my Adidas trainers. To be honest these seemed comfy at first and then decided to kill my feet after.

“Note: These are not walking trainers!”

My Deets

Shirt: H&M

Shorts: New Look

Tights: Calzedonia

Trainers: Adidas


The Review

So I can’t really say much about the packaging to be honest – it was open wrapped as I call it, which I instantly saw snags on! That is the only bad thing when they come like that! The front is pretty plain and basic, with the back not looking much better! It doesn’t state much apart from the colour, size and just details about the materials used.


Getting Them On: I tried so hard not to be frustrated with these – they have to be the most snaggable tights I own to date! I mean I already encountered loads scattered around before I even got them out the cardboard and then managed to get on higher up on my leg as well! I mean I love these but damn, they are really bad if they snag so easy! The pic below I took when the cardboard was inside the leg, so you can see I’m not over-exaggerating!


The Toes: are also sheer net and I would not recommend log toenails in these. I mean if they can snag just by touching them, then they won’t last in these pair for sure! I made sure I smoothed the tops of my nails down before I got these on just to make sure that no parts catch it and just end up ripping them!

They do fit nicely around the feet; nice and snug and not too wrinkly where your foot bends. I managed to keep them snag free (apart from the ones that are already on there!) – I still can’t believe I kept my cool about it!


The Waistband: is a very snug fitting on. One of the most fitted ones I have actually, and I think the net has a lot to do with that. It’s a lovely thick band at the top and most of my stomach and waist was hugged by these; they did not budge a single bit during the day and I walked miles in them too! I was seriously surprised as I thought they would lose some of that during a day’s wear but that wasn’t the case here!


The Snagging: is a massive let down for these tights. I love the netting as it’s smooth but not smooth at the same time – it’s a weird feeling if I am honest with the 3D floral print on top which makes it stand out a lot more. I love the print and think it;s just beautiful, but what isn’t beautiful is snags all up the legs on show!!!


The Feel & Look: is really lovely. Minus the terrible snags, I really do think they are beautiful. They have a lovely wind-around look to them which I think makes the legs look good actually. At first I thought it emphasised how big my thighs are, but then I realised that in the light when walking around, they made them look a little slimmer! Weird hey!



Overall Thoughts?

I do love these and think they’re such a feminine pair, and perfect for summer if you don’t want the real girly look and want something net! I love how you can work these; I wore shorts and a shirt, but under trousers or jeans, or with a boho skirt it would look so good! It’s just a real shame about the quality and how easily they can catch. The worst part is the lip of my trainers – they managed to rub against the floral design on the right leg and completely bobbled them!

Thanks Calzedonia but I think you need to relook at the netting!


One thought on “Calzedonia Floral Pattern Tulle Tights

  1. I really like these. Floral Patterns on tights is a real attention grabber. I’d certainly be making furtive glances at these.

    I think I’d prefer to see them with different shoes and skirt though. The pattern on the skirt seems to diminish the effect of the tights pattern. And It would be nice to see more of the feet.