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Calzedonia Floral Lace

It has been an awful long time since I have done a review on here (which I do apologise for).

Most of you may know that I have been doing my 7 Day Nudes Challenge for LegsLavish Exclusive before I went away to Lyon, France and I just haven’t had time since! But now I am back and ready to review all the gifts that my followers have sent me.

Now these ones are ones that I bought from London a while ago – it was on my 2 year anniversary when I got engaged, I found a store in London and I just had to get myself a pair to mark the occasion.

They have been sitting there a while as I have been reviewing others that been gifted so this was my chance to finally pull them out!

Now I went pretty dark with this outfit although the tights I have to admit did add that pop I wanted but also were a gorgeous denier against my legs. I mean they’re like around 20 denier but they just seem to make my legs look just oomph!!  Also I really wanted to wear my new loafers which ended up killing the back of my feet!

So let me get started:

  • Right packaging wasn’t great at all, however I bought them at the actual store so I suppose it was more to do with the fact that you could touch and feel the quality of them as well as see the design of them rather than being hidden in the packaging. They did have the cardboard inside however it was in the foot area rather than the thigh so I wasn’t too annoyed with that!
  • They were easy to get on and nicely fitted too – they weren’t too tight but they clung to your legs instantly so I was dead impressed! I got S/M and they fit like a dream! 😍
  • I love the net and lace together – from far it just makes your legs look so dramatic and give them a lovely shape. Obviously this was down to the design and the material of them!
  • A very strong waistband on them – they didn’t move at all today so I’m pleased! 💪
  • The design of these are so cute – they would make your outfit look feminine as well as giving them that edgey look.


I only picked out two bad points when wearing these today:

  • They don’t have the reinforced toes – BOO!
  • They do snag pretty easy I managed to get a few at the back of the legs as well as on my thighs 😔


Would I recommend? Oh yes for sure! I mean these are just something special that should be added to your collection. They’re actually soft and quite versatile.

I didn’t take my images as I had some exclusives to get through after work but here are some that just show off the design of them…


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