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Calzedonia Floral Fishnet Holdups

Well I must say I was looking forward to wearing this pair for a while. I have had a right time of it trying to get an outfit together, and it’s always been so hard as the lace top is really thick and the last thing I want is that getting exposed to all my work colleagues! As much as I love little teasers, I didn’t want this one to be saying the wrong thing – if you get me!

So I finally managed to get an outfit sorted to wear with them, which I think looked really vintage, and then it decides to chuck it down with rain, and I mean it was pounding down! I was debating whether I should change or not, as I hardly had any sleep and had time to do an outfit change, I decided not to. It took me 45 mins last night to decide, and I wasn’t going to put myself through that again this morning.

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 1-2 / Small-Medium

Materials: 86% Polyamide / 14% Elastane

Price: £16.00 / Sale £8.00

Website: Calzedonia


My Outfit

I slipped into a dress that a follower bought ages ago and finally had adjusted to my size! It’s really swing/vintage looking which I love, and sits around calf level. I added my t-bar shoes as I had a lot of walking around to do at work today and then added a corset waistbelt to make it look more fit and flare as without it, I look a little shapeless.

I added small pearl studs; I was going to do drop downs, but then it looked a little too much for work.

My Deets

Dress: via Amazon

Shoes: Principles

Belt: In The Style


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The Review

The Packaging: it’s pretty basic like the rest of the Calzedonia I have reviewed before; peep hole at the top and only little bits of info stated that the back:

Fashion Holdups



Getting Them On: the first thing I noticed when unravelling these is that these are shaped to the legs, which means these are gonna fit real good – and it makes it easier to line up and get the bow bang on at the back.


Word of advice is to scrunch and roll and make sure that your silicone bands are outwards – I managed to turn one in and it was so annoying to try and turn it back out!



The Band: is just delicious. It just screams ‘Moulin Rouge’ to me more than anything; very sexy, yet classy! I just love how it’s a higher denier from toe to thigh, and then comes along the lace and trimmings! You will notice that the band looks like it’s going to be massive on your thighs, but don’t worry they fit just fine. I thought they were going to be baggy, but in actual fact these sit right under your bum so you get a good length of lace on show.


It’s a double silicone band, and the rows are quite slim in size so I’m not too sure if these will lose their grip after a few wears. I’ve pulled them up and down all day today (drinking a lot of coconut water) and they haven’t lose any grip so far!


The Toes: not much to say here apart from that they’re all one denier, no reinforcements and plenty of room as well. they’re not too dark so you can see the nail colour peering through too.



On The Legs: they are just so gorgeous. I got them on with ease and they have stay put all day. I love how smooth they are, and even if you did stretch them up a bit too much, it doesn’t start feeling rough. I know some hosiery does this, but you won’t have that issue with these. I know the denier is a little dark for summer, but dressing it with brighter colours will make it look a lot better than pairing with dark.



My Thoughts?

I have fallen in love with these; they’re so sensual and are perfect for any occasion. I instantly felt confident when I slipped into them, so can you imagine pairing up with lingerie? MIND BLOWING!

I love the design and the quality of them too, as it is still snag free!



5 thoughts on “Calzedonia Floral Fishnet Holdups

  1. I love this combo, the dress is elegant and beautiful for the day, then for the night it brings sexy back with the hold ups!!

  2. I do love that corset belt with your dress, and the bow at the back of your stockings is a lovely treat!

  3. These holdups are gorgeous. That outfit was stunning and the review really painted a picture for me to visualize how they felt and looked.