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Calzedonia Floral Drop Tulle Tights

I am a little miffed here as these have no damn name to them and I search their website too and having no luck!… I’m just gonna have to go with my name for them instead!

Anyways roll on Day 3 – with these pretty little things all the way from Berlin! I haven’t seen them anywhere in London and even on the website, so I was dead happy when I saw them in The Mall of Berlin Calzedonia store!

I spent hours in that store and managed to get my friend to buy a pair of leggings (for the 1st time in her life) as well – money well spent here around £80 (equivalent) later!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 2 / Small

Denier: 20-30 (approx)

Materials: unknown

Price: 12 euro


My Outfit

Yep I went different this time; normally with tights like this, I like to dress them up all cute like, but this time I went with my floral cream skirt and a slogan t-shirt instead. I played it smart casual today.

Once again I was at home so didn’t pair up shoes or flats with this, but I would have opted for my booties or maybe a pair of converses to keep it toned down.

My Deets

T-Shirt: Diesel for Men

Tights: Calzedonia

Skirt: H&M


The Review

The Packaging: so this time we have closed packaging (Thank God – due to the netting!) with the front being really basic and the back then delving into slightly more detail. I won’t say there is a lot stated at the back;

  • The model wearing the hosiery
  • Woman’s Tights” – stated in various languages
  • Sizing guide

Getting inside, these are neatly folded around cardboard ready to get on! I did panic thinking there might be a piece of card inside one leg – this is where I would have screamed!


Getting Them On: okay so there is no right or wrong way to get these on. I made the mistake of trying to  do the side pattern at the front of the leg (when it’s supposed to be at the side DUH!) but either way you can slip these right on.

I would advise hosiery gloves once again as the netting is pretty delicate even though it seems quite durable.

I tried to pull these up gently as much as I could making sure that I don’t overstretch so you may need to mess about with these on the legs once they’re on so they sit right.



On The Legs: these look like a dream! The one thing I did notice (and no amount of pulling up would sort it) is that the feet were darker compared to the rest of the legs which I found annoying.

The fit is great; if anything I found it very hugging on the legs (not stating it in a bad way) and they don’t budge at all throughout the day.

The feel is a fine net, so you will need to take extra care not to snag these compared to normal nylons. I actually like nets like this as it makes the design stand out so much more than sheer nylons. It gives that grainy (and slight edgy) effect which works with so much it’s unreal!

One thing to note down is that these do gather dust on the legs so you will need to keep brushing it off now and again during the day. You wouldn’t think it, but close up on the toes further down the review, you will see it in more detail.


The Design: we are talking ultra feminine with these; flowers scattered from the top knee right down to the ankles with polka dots filling in the blanks around the design. It stop from the top knee right to the band where you end up with pure fine netting.

With it being like a mock over knee sock look, this can work in many ways; with formal attire or if you’re rocking casual like I am. Short dresses and skirts would work perfectly to flaunt it like you should, or you could always do over-knee and then let the top of the design be hidden like a secret gem only you know about 😉

Up close you can see the design look pixelated  around the knee where it bends (I can’t think of the other word to describe it so thought I would say pixelated instead so you get my drift!)

I did notice that in between the flowers, I managed to bladdy snag them; Soni not impressed here at all!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The Toes: are fitted like anything, but I will warn you that you do feel pressure on them during the day. Luckily I cut my nails dead short for a while so I didn’t have much of a problem, but you may need to keep those nails short if you opt for these (it will end up ripping otherwise!)

The seams sit perfectly where they are all day and there is slightly wiggle room in them; not too much but just enough so I would advise opting for some more open footwear rather than something that squeezes your toes together.



The Waistband & Gusset: I can’t complain about these; the band looks tight on me below but actually it fits really well and doesn’t squish you in as much as you think. It has plenty of elasticity in there to hold them up with ease all day and there is no sign of them losing it any time soon either!

The gusset is a standard cotton one so for those who go commando, you’re covered here.




My Thoughts?

Overall I love these; I have been dying to get my hands on a pair for so long and when I found them in Berlin I just had to have them!

The quality is great (minus that crappy snag I got) and on the legs, they do their job well throughout the day. I love that design and the fact you can dress it up or down, feminine or punky. Either way, these work!

The only downside for me is that they are too tight on the toes which means I wouldn’t be able to do a working day in these as they would just kill my feet by the end of it, so I would just keep this on a casual basis where I can be in them for a few hours at a time.


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