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Calzedonia Flock Diamond & Polka Dot Tulle Hold-Ups

Now we are having some fun with a work outfit today. I love a good tulle pair, and when I picked these up I just knew I had to get them paired with a work outfit to really show them off!

I picked this pair up in the sale, so I am not too sure if they are still around the purchase!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: XS/S

Denier: Approx 20-30

Materials: 69% polyamide, 31% elastane

Price: £10.00

Website: No Longer Available

My Outfit

Keeping it super formal today, I paired my shift dress with simple court shoes to finish off the look.

My Deets

Dress: Mango

Holdups: Calzedonia

Heels: Lost Ink

The Review

The Packaging

Getting Them On: these don’t have much stretch to them, so I had to take a little more time to make sure that I get these up as even and smoothly as possible. I did my scrunch and roll up the legs, and kept it as straight as possible so I can line up the backseam too. I did try my best but it did faulter at times, and made me late for work so I had to rush and set them in place.

On The Legs: I need to say the design is super cute! I live the polka dots, I love the honeycomb base, and that thick backseam added into the mix. This is a great pair to not only make a statement with, but it also slims down the legs too I noticed. The tulle net can do that, where it looks slightly thicker in denier, but it also keeps those legs looking sharp.

The quality of these are super nice; these will snag easily as tulle can do that, but luckily I managed to keep them as pristine as possible! Calzedonia do have some great hosiery pieces, and this is certainly one of them.

The fit of these are brilliant; they fit my legs really well, and I got to sit them slightly higher up the legs too, especially when I have a deep welt and a short dress to play with. I found no gapping or wrinkling, which is always a great sign too.

The feel of these can take some getting used to, especially if you’re not used to wearing this materials. It can feel quite itchy to begin with, but this does settle down and then becomes smooth on the legs. These aren’t coated in any way, so it will have a semi-rough feel to them, and also where dresses and other fabrics won’t glide right past it.

The Toes & Ankle: these don’t come with reinforced toes, as the backseam starts right from the toe seam underneath. I don’t mind that – ok well I do, as once you get a rip in these, it isn’t great! I had to make sure my nails were kept short and smooth for this pair.

Around the toes, I had no pressure during my wear, and plenty of wiggle room too. Around the feet and ankles, it’s a lovely smooth finish with no wrinkling.

I know most of you will ask about the backseam under the feet, and do you end up feeling it… At first you do, but when you start moving around the in them, you kinda forget about it. It does flatten down so it isn’t poking into your feet.

The Bands: oh these welts! These are absolutely beautiful! I love a deep welt, with a feminine design – and these are right up my street! I love how it just adds to the overall look of the holdup pattern.

I will say I expected a few more silicone bands; not just the 2 that were located at the top of the welt. I say this as it adds that extra bit of security where you feel that it won’t budge at all on the thighs. Luckily they didn’t move out of place, or lose their tackiness easily – it’s just my personal preference.

My Thoughts?

These are a fab pair, and something I will happily wear again! I love the pattern, the detailing and the fit. They have been a dream to wear with this outfit, and it certainly did turn a few heads too!

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