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Calzedonia Fishnet Tights (Khaki)

Fishnet Friday is backkkkkkk!

I was feeling a casual one today, and seeing as I bought a new pair of black ripped jeans, I thought I might as well do my layering once again!

I had loads of errands to do today, so I was in converses for most of it and switched to heels later in the day where I wasn’t on my feet as much!

The Spec

Colour: Rete Media Militare

Size: 1-2 / Small-Medium

Materials: 80% Polyamide / 20% Elastane

Price: £11.99

Bought: Calzedonia Store in London


My Outfit

I went with my normal plain white t-shirt which I folded up and knotted at the side, along with my regular fit ripped jeans with fishnets as the base and topping it off with statement shoes.

I left my hair down, crimped and messy and added big gold hoops!

My Deets

T-Shirt: H&M

Jeans: River Island

Tights: Calzedonia

Shoes: Steve Madden



The Review

The Packaging: was left open as it was hanging in the store when I bought it. There’s not much to say about it to be honest – what you see is what you get below:



Getting Them On: is easy enough to begin with, but when you get jeans on top, you will notice that the tights get pulled up so you need to make sure you have enough gathering at the bottom beforehand so it evens out when you get your jeans on.



The Toes: have a very small section where the net is micro before it begins to become larger. I tried to get this to cover most of my toes but I think in the end, it covered two middle toes. You will see pressure marks all over you if you’re layering these, and especially in footwear too!



The Waistband: is a funny one. It’s like it wants to sit a lot lower but then it means that your tights fall down slightly. I can’t say that these fit perfectly above my jeans on my waist as they didn’t. I had to pull up a few times but then I ended up leaving it how it was and just carried on. What I do like about these is the ‘Calzedonia’ logo going around them which makes it look like a more expensive brand you’re exposing at the top.



Under Jeans: they feel fine. I can’t say that they irritate or feel uncomfortable as I am totally used to it now. What I did love about these was that you could see the whole net outline throughout my jeans rather than just through the rips etc.


If it’s your first time layering, it will take some time getting used to it, but the more you do it (even around the house) it will become easier and you will want to experiment more. I now do it with other patterned tights instead of fishnets!



What I really do like about these is the colour – I haven’t come across this colour before and it’s nice to pair them with basic colours and make it the statement piece like I did underneath.



My Thoughts?

I really like these; I think they’re different and can work with a lot of outfits. Being quite a subtle pair, these can work both casually and formally. The quality is good and it’s worth the price you pay for them too. I would be careful with the joining of the nets as they are very fine and one little tug would rip them.

Otherwise I have no complaints and think these are another pair to add to your fishnet collection!


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