Calzedonia Eva Logo Tights

Yep I am back in the Eva Logo tights, however this time they are a super subtle pair. I bought these the same time as I did with the last pair, so I am unsure if they are still around to purchase.

This time I was off to work wearing them, with a super cute black and pink outfit. I normally pair this jumper with my Chinese satin skirt, but I decided to switch it up!

If you missed my last review, I headed to Hyde Park and did a mini shoot – Calzedonia Eva All Over Logo Tights

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: XS/S

Denier: 30

Materials: Polyamide & Elastane

Price: £12.99 / Sale £3.90

Website: No Longer Available

My Outfit

Keeping it super cute and feminine, I paired my twisted back jumper with my floral velvet skirt and added matching pink heels to finish the look.

My Deets

Jumper: Cameo Rose

Skirt: New Look

Tights: Calzedonia

Heels: off Amazon

The Review

The Packaging

Getting Them On: I did my scrunch and roll up the legs, taking care with my anklets. I did have to tug them slightly to make them sit around the thighs and waist without the gusset floating half way down.

On The Legs: okay so this pair I had a little trouble with, compared to the last similar pair I did. The biggest was the sizing – it was so off! I got the exact same size, the same material content with a different logo design. I felt these ran a lot smaller to the point I felt the gusset move away from me, and start to shimmy down my thigh. I get that these are a tulle base, but they still do have stretch to them like the last pair; I felt more material was needed for my legs to be honest. I should have gone one size up to make sure that I didn’t have a pair that just shimmies down the legs, and just causes aggro during my wear.

The quality was also an issue – I ended up with markings around the top to the tights. At first I thought it was because I tugged them too much, but actually when I took them off to start again, I saw that they were already there before I got them back on. This is something I despise, because for me it ruins the whole look. I also found these snagged so much easier than my last pair too; they felt a lot weaker and thinner (these are a 30 denier pair, however it did not feel like it).

The feel of them were nice; the only thing I can say I like about this pair. They had a smooth feel to them, which turned grainy in the parts where there were markings. These didn’t cause any irritation during my wear, which I was pleased about.

The design is one that you can wear at the front if you wish. I kept it at the back to stick with the style, but I would wear these at the front to get a little more attention to it. You can’t really see it at the back unless you are wearing simpler heels, mules or trainers that show it off a little more.

The Toes & Ankle: these don’t have reinforced toes, so I had to trim and smooth the toenails to make sure I don’t damage these in any way. I did find these tight around my toes, which makes sense as I did tug them a lot to make sure they sit where they are supposed to.

Around the feet and ankles, there was no wrinkling to be found either; it was a smooth finish.

The Waistband & Gusset: so this is the waistband tat I was working with. Pretty much the same as the pair I did before, however I did find it slightly looser than the last. These had elasticity to them, but it did loosen up quite quickly. I felt these wouldn’t last many wears as the elasticity would wear out by then.

These were supposed to sit around my belly button, however they sat just under which wasn’t uncomfortable, but it did become an issue when it did get lower and lower whilst I was on the move. When sitting down, there was no issues.

These also have a cotton gusset to them, which did not sit flush against the skin for more than 5 minutes.

My Thoughts?

To be honest, not a pair I would recommend. The sizing was a big issue, but that could have been sorted by going a size up. The next biggest was the quality, which really lacked in my eyes. It could have been so much better, or even in line with the previous pair! Thank goodness I didn’t pay full price for these – I would have truly been disappointed!

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