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Calzedonia Embroidered Fishnet Tights

Fishnet Friday is back again!!!

And this time I’m doing another colour – dark blue! I love experimenting with colours, especially now the sun is out!!!

I have to say I wanted to try these with colour, but I always end up doing white and blue (as I was running late this morning!)

The Spec

Colour: Blu Intenso

Size: 1/2

Price: £9.50 / Sale £4.75

Website: h


My Outfit

So white and blue it is. I was going to do a blue cami, but seeing as the sun was hiding away, I went with my blue oversized jumper which I just ended up gathering at the front to make it look cute. The skirt is high waisted, so I don’t want to overhand as it becomes mega poofy from the band down which would just look wrong! Tucking in wasn’t an option this time (this I normally tend to do!)

I ended up wearing my grey thigh boots as I didn’t want to show off too much leg in the office especially with my skirt being pretty short! So the boots were perfect and made the outfit look smart casual!

My Deets

Jumper: vero Moda

Skirt: H&M

Tights: Calzedonia

Boots: Deichmann


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The Review

The Packaging: is exactly what is shown below. There was no plastic outer packaging to cover these tights; only cardboard holding it in place! I wasn’t too pleased when I saw this as it could have easily been caught in other pairs of hosiery but what can I do?! The front is very basic, with the back being full of different languages stating the materials.


The Waistband: is a lovely firm band which stays put all day. I had no issues at all with any falling down business or moving around on the waist! It’s a thinner one but what I will mention is that this does leave a mark behind (see the 2nd image below) – that’s when I moved it slightly lower after a day’s wear so you can see!


The Toes: are micro nets all around. There is no reinforcement, only net so perfect for sandals and open toe shoes. I would be careful of long toenails here as these will probably rip. I I found that these do really stretch around the toes and when I got home my toes were slightly cramped up with the nets looking like they were about to rip on me, so from time to time I would just pull them away from the toes just to release any pressure.


Close-Up: you get to see how well knitted and thick these are – and they do feel it too. They aren’t a soft pair which clothing will glide across but more of the pair that clothing will stick to. It’s a pro and con, but what can we do?


The image below is with the flash on so you can see what it shades like in different lighting.


The Colour: is just fantastic. It’s not a vibrant blue or a blue too deep (depending on the lighting you are in) and I love them. It’s like they add this sheer colour on the legs whilst your skin is still peering through. It’s hard to explain but it looks so good I must  admit. I think these would look great with a pair of shiny nudes underneath or for winter, add a plain black sheer to deepen them down.



Overall Thoughts?

I think these are great and such value for money. I managed to get them in the sale which I was so happy about and the quality is lovely. Sometimes Calzedonia can be a hit and miss but this time, I’m in awe of them! I love the way they make my legs look and add that subtle colouring to them rather than a pop to the eyes – if you get what I mean!


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  1. Love the great job you do in your blog! Your reviews on different styles of hosiery are very detailed and helpful for making decisions when shopping for new pairs. Thanks love!