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Calzedonia Double Strap Holdups

I have been dying to wear these for a while (I have two of the same but different brands) and I haven’t got round to getting them out until now!

I had to go to my cousin’s 21st dress up party, and the theme was Disney. So my first choice of outfit was supposed to be Wonder Woman, but seeing as that costume never came, I decided to go with Minnie Mouse.

It’s been so long since I have watched Mickey & Minnie, so I had to Google what she actually wore!

I couldn’t nail her outfit exactly, but I did my best to attempt!!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 1/2 (Small-Medium)

Price: £16.00 / Sale £8.00

Website: Calzedonia


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The Review

The Packaging: is just the standard Calzedonia packaging – pain and simple all around with the back having a sticker with all the details on:



Inside: you will find the holdups wrapped neatly around the card. I can’t wait to get these on to try!



Getting Them On: is a damn mission I found. The way they double strap is doesn’t actually line up with the rest of the leg. So you have to twist it from the toe line up for the bow to sit at the back and the straps to sit on the front of the thigh. It sounds confusing, and damn right it is! There is now way of getting these on flat like it’s above as it won’t work!



The Toes: are pretty uncomfortable during the day. To begin with they were fine, but as I had to twist the legs, the toes just started doing their own thing and twist themselves as well! So not too pleased about that! Another little comment to make is that there is a lot of extra material around the toes due to the higher denier and this did start to show after a while of being in my shoes – it started to gather together!!



The Band: is just to die for. I love the fact that these are two hardcore silicone bands and they holdup so well (especially when you’re legs are sweating buckets!) You can pull these as high as you want really, and they stay up so well. The silicone is made of some good stuff, so dead impressed with those!



The Suspender Straps: are gorgeous. I love how these have been done – just simple at the front and a small bow added at the back of them to just add cuteness. It just gives it such a nice twist!



How They Feel: is just amazing. It’s a complete blacked out denier which I love and it has a slight shimmer to them in the sunlight. I love the way these look on the legs as they shape them quite well and make them just look amazing! One thing to mention is that when you take these off, they do mark your legs a little. I wore mine for a few hours whilst I was in this costume, and I was left with the markings from the straps and the band.



Overall Thoughts?

I love them truly! I think they’re such a gorgeous pair of hosiery and I love the sex appeal that they give out too! It’s a shame about how you have to twist them for them to sit how you want, but otherwise I really think they’re great!

Now I can’t wait to do my next pair like this – Veneziana!!