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Calzedonia Double-Look Polka-Dot Tights

Day 2 I decided to go cute with a contrasting pair I got from their website when Black Friday was on. It’s been so long since I have polka dots (well like this anyways and not the funky spots!) so I am excited to try these out.

They looked great on the model wearing them on the website, and of course I was sold!

You can get a similar pair from their website if you wanted a polka dot front and plain back. I did consider these at first, but then I preferred the funky look of double polka dots!

The Spec

Colour: Nero / Black

Style Code: MODC1277

Size: 1/2 – Small/Medium

Denier: 50

Materials: 91% polyamide, 7% elastane, 2% cotton

Price: £8.80

Website: Calzedonia – Double-Look Polka-Dot Tights


My Outfit

Black on black today rocking a ‘professional office’ look with a damn short skirt LOL! I had to be ultra careful as the wrap over front exposed a fair bit so I had to wear a mini skirt underneath so I don’t give anyone a heart attack!

I wore my ribbed top along with my wrap-over skirt and finished it with simple court shoes. I had my hair down and straight and just added small hoops.

My Deets

Top: H&M

Skirt: H&M

Tights: Calzedonia

Shoes: Sholetrader



The Review

From The Website: women’s 50-denier double-look (opaque and sheer) tights with polka-dot print.


The Packaging: these were open packed (that’s what I like to call it) meaning it was just secured with cardboard where you can feel the hosiery out of the packaging. The only downside to this is that they’re easier to snag and there is always a piece of cardboard inside them!!!

The front and back is very basic to be honest; the front just gives the brand name along with the sizing and the back goes into the material detail more than anything.


When you unpack it, you will find them neatly wrapped around a cardboard slotted inside the tights. I would advise you to be careful here as the tights are quite thick so I did struggle to get this out smoothly like I normally do. And the worst thing was that the cardboard was ‘shredding’ in the tights, leaving little pieces which wasn’t helpful (especially as I was running late!)



The Front & Back: not the joy of these tights is that you can wear them either way! The model wore it with the netted side at the front and the black at the back, but you can always switch it up! I wore mine with the net at the front as I wanted that to be my focal piece with the back being toned down.



Getting Them On: I actually struggled here to be honest; I had to scrunch and roll as best as I can to make sure that I didn’t need to line up my tights after. Most of it was fine on the lower leg, but when I hit the thigh area, that’s where it started curving itself so you will need to take your time to get them on properly.


Not only that, the denier is pretty thick and not much stretch in them, so that never helps when you got thick thighs!



When They’re On: they feel great but just note that you will get gapping under the knee for sure as well as around the ankles. The netted front looks fab and then it merges into the block denier at the back which has its own thing going on.


The net is pretty soft but slightly grainy so do be careful not to snag these as it will be pretty easy to do it. The back is a smooth soft denier and pretty blacked out for a 50d.


The polka dots at the front are added in after, and the dots at the back feel like they’re cut out so they will leave small marks on your legs if you add pressure onto the legs. I ended up with it on the thighs as I sit down a lot so you just see these circles dotted everywhere!


The design works right from the toes up to the band, so short shorts, skirts and dresses can be worn without any worry that you’ll get the brief cut off section.


One thing I do like about these is that having it on net instead of sheer (like you can normally get) is that it gives it that slight edgy look and makes it more of a fashion statement piece rather than a subtle feminine piece.



The Toes: no reinforcements here I’m afraid and as these are net, you will need to take extra care that your nails are smooth at the top so they don’t end up snagging or ripping your tights.

There is plenty of wiggle room in them too and no pressure around them during the day either.



The Waistband: so thankfully you get a gusset in these which means you can do commando! It’s a standard one that you get as you can see in the image below.


The band itself is pretty great and stays up well throughout the day too. There is plenty of elasticity in this as well, unlike the tights so don’t worry about the extra room you might need around this area as they got your covered (get my pun there!) Hehehehe!



My Thoughts?

These have lasted me well all day and I love them. I got tons of compliments in them and I just love how they went so well with my PU skirt. I would certainly try a black leather one next time to give it a grunge look, but I love how these can be styled in so many ways.


They are pretty decent quality as long as you’re careful not to try and snag the netting (the block denier is fine and you wouldn’t really be able to tell) and as I mentioned before, these can be worn 2 ways so it gives you versatility.


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  1. Polka dot tights are always a great fashion look. Love the look of these only other tights like more are the Glare Sparkle Polka Dot Tights from and the Penti site these tights are fantastic looking but have trouble with final checkout’