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Calzedonia Disney Sheer Tights

THESE ARE ADORABLE! I never used to be a big fan of Mickey & Minnie but I gotta say I’ve grown to love them over the past few years, and when I saw Calzedonia were doing the Disney Collection I had to get myself a pair or 3! I got these babies from London when I was hitting Oxford Street (I wasn’t trying to shop honest!)

This pair is the 1st of 3 that I bought and I am dead excited!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 1-2 / Small-Medium

Denier: Unknown (Roughly 20-30)

Materials: 83% polyamide, 15% elastane, 2% cotton

Price: 12 euros


My Outfit

Many of you may have seen this outfit pop up on my Instastory a while back; I decided to do Grungey Mickey instead of a cute outfit. I was contemplating pairing a skirt etc. but then as I was at home, I decided to just go with my ripped oversized jumper with my tights and added Timberlands when I went out.

You could always add other boots, trainers or pumps but I prefer Timbs!

My Deets

Jumper: New Look Parisian Collection

Tights: Calzedonia



The Review

The Packaging: so as this was in the store itself, these were hanging pretty OPEN! I was really hesitant to get the first pair as everyone is touching them up, so I went back a couple of pairs and got them instead. I normally resist when I see them open to touch as they get dusty easily and the amount of snags you find is unreal!

The front and back is very limited with what is stated; front mentioning that it’s a Disney collab and the back stating more about the sizing and the materials in various languages.

Short and sweet basically ready to get them on!


Getting Them On: okay so another thing I hate about open packaging is that there is always that bladdy bit of card inside them which you gotta prise out! I had to be super gently as the card inside was pretty rough (which is surprising as it’s normally quite soft).

The good thing about these is that it has the Disney label inside on the waistband so you know back to front (even though it doesn’t really matter as it’s the same design all over).

I used the scrunch and roll technique (without gloves as it was a pain with this denier) – will explain that in the next section.



On The Legs: so on the legs they’re gorgeous and sheer with the design being a higher denier for it to stand out. The front and back are the same pattern all over which starts right from the toes all the way to the waist.

The feel of them are a matte finish (which makes it hard to wear gloves to do this sometimes) but it’s the type that catches fluff and dust, so you need to be careful where you are when you wear these. They are super soft and smooth on the legs, which is always a bonus and they hug the legs so well.

I have to admit I found this size quite small on me – NO WAY I KNOW! But it was really fitted which meant I had to pull up more than usual so the gusset sat flush against me and when I was in them for the day I did feel them slightly slip down, so will need to try these again with different underwear.


The Design: I love how playful they are! They are just adorable and once again, they can be dressed however you like. I went with a more I-don’t-care-look this time with my oversized ripped jumper but cute dresses and skirts can be worn with it, shorts and jumpers etc. There is no limit with these which is the best thing about them.

I find the same with polka dots because they are so versatile!

Now let me point out a few little issues that cropped up when I was in them; firstly I managed to get a damn snag on the thigh, so do be careful when you are in them that you’re not lurking around anything sharp or that could catch onto your hosiery.

Secondly – those weird lines going down the leg! At first I thought it was because I tugged them too much, but I rolled down and up a good few times before I did the final tug on the legs and it wouldn’t go. So not too impressed by that!

Now in one of the images below, there is one with me sitting on the bed where you can see the complete contrast where daylight hits it; dark foot going into a sheerer denier. I could not get rid of it no matter how hard I tried so keep note of that!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The Toes: sheer as anything but brilliant at the same time. Now excuse the act I have no nail varnish on and my nails are short (it makes a damn change!) but it shows you how sheer they are around the toes and the rest of the feet (even though it’s darker around this bit).

There is plenty of wiggle room in them without any pressure being put on them during the day. There is no crinkling of any sort and they stayed snag-free which is a bonus! I doubt these are reinforced but it would be fab if they were! I would recommend keeping toenails short in these so you don’t run the risk of them ripping!


The Waistband: so the band is fab once again! I really can’t complain – the right size thickness and it stays up well. I did have an issue with them falling down slightly however I think that is more to do with the sizing on the legs rather than the band as it hasn’t moved at all during the day (well moved by itself I mean).

It doesn’t roll down on itself or anything which is great and once again the cotton gusset is just the same as the rest I have reviewed if you wanted to go commando in them.



My Thoughts?

I love them (minus that damn snag and those lines on the legs). I love the print that is dotted all around the legs and the fact that they are matte and sheer as anything always helps. This is one of those designs that you can pair long socks with, wear heels or trainers, dress up or down.

I just love them… Now bring on the rest of the collection! I hope they are as good as I found these to be!


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