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Calzedonia Disney Collection (Minnie Mock Stocks) Part 2

This is the 2nd part of the Minnie Mouse Mock Stocks that I was previously referring to on Fri 5th Jan! Seeing as I bought the one with the bows, I had to get these as well – it would have been wrong of me not to!

So as they are pretty much identical, I will be duplicating bits of the previous review!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 1-2 / Small-Medium

Materials: Unknown

Denier: Unknown (Around 20 top and 40-60 bottom)

Price: 13 euros


My Outfit

I went casual again but this time I did denim shorts! I paired my mesh bodysuit with a pair of shorts and added my fluffy cardigan on top to make it look more Winter appropriate!

You can always add pumps, trainers, boots, and even heels to this outfit but make sure you go for a pair that works with the design rather than something that would work against the legs.

I kept jewellery minimum and left my hair down.

My Deets

T-Shirt: Republic

Shorts: Select Fashion

Tights: Calzedonia




The Review

The Packaging: wrapped packaging YAY!! The front shows the collaboration with Disney with the back showing an image of the hosiery on the model. It doesn’t state much at the side to be honest, doesn’t give you the materials of the hosiery either and then there is the sizing guide and washing instructions.



Getting Them On: these are neatly wrapped around cardboard. One side you find the design of them, and the other is the band tucked in.

With these being top delicate, you will need to be careful getting them on. To make it easier, these have the Disney label inside of them, so you know front to back easily. I would scrunch and roll these carefully and use hosiery gloves with these as the denier is thicker on the bottom so you should be able to do it with ease.



On The Legs: these fit great on the legs not gonna lie here and they stay put all day too.

The feel of them are great; super smooth and soft and potentially could be easy to snag in the sheerer parts. I would be careful here, whereas the bottom of them you won’t need to worry about so much.


I love how these actually elongate the legs without even trying and heels or flats will either help you or work against you so choose your footwear wisely!

So the material is not the type to fall down or crinkle on bends and under the knee, so you’re pretty much sweet to rock these out without having to worry about the fit.



The Design: the Minnie ears sit just above the knees (this is also height dependent too) with the bottom being the whole mock look, and the top turning into sheer bliss up until the waistband.

I will mention here that the darker denier bottom does catch fluff (I don’t know what Calzedonia hosiery does this) so note that down!



The Toes: okay so the toes are great; no problems with room or pressure on them. These aren’t reinforced but due to the higher denier, they potentially are (a little) but still be careful with longer nails in these just in case.



The Waistband: once again a great fit – the right size thickness and it stays up well. The band hasn’t moved at all during the day and it stays up really well too!

It doesn’t roll down on itself or anything which is great and once again the cotton gusset is just the same as the rest I have reviewed if you wanted to go commando in them.




My Thoughts?

Whilst you can before they go, I would recommend these pair for sure. I found them great to be in, the quality is decent and I didn’t end up with a single snag.

This is a right girly pair due to the little polka dot ears on Minnie, however don’t let that restrict you. Go play with the idea and let that add a touch of cute into your outfit.