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Calzedonia Baguette Fiori

And I am back ladies and gents after a while of being off from blogging and posting (which I have truly missed)!

Let me start off by saying a big thank you to everyone who has kindly waited for me to review the items that they have sent – I do apologise that it has taken me a while however I am in the middle of moving houses as well as being manic at work before I go away on honeymoon, so thank you for being so patient! It’s all happening at once with me!!!

Before I begin, I must say that being a newly-wed, you will see that I will be wearing red bangles in my reviews. I have to keep these on for 6 weeks minimum (I don’t really know the reason behind it) but most Indian brides do! I know it won’t go with most of my outfits, but trust me when I say I am trying hard to make sure that they are paired well with what I wear!

Now let me get back into my blogging as being off for two weeks has made me lose my touch slightly!


The Outfit

To start mixing and matching like I used to do, I paired this gorgeous little number with my striped bodycon dress. I love the way that the tights hold their own with this outfit and instantly makes the legs a statement piece. I would advise doing this pair with heels only to give it that full womanly effect, as trainers/sneakers would tone it down and make it more casual but you don’t want it losing the WOW factor it has!

I went with my black booties with these (as these are the only decent pair of boots I have brought with me whilst the rest of them are patiently waiting for me at my parent’s house!) To finish this look off nicely, I would suggest doing it with a pair of stilettos or court shoes to make it the ultimate office outfit.

My Deets:

Bodycon Dress: H&M

Quilted Leather Jacket: New Look

Tights: Via Amazon

Boot: Forever 21


The Review

The packaging: Now Calzedonia has two types – one in plastic showing the model wearing the tights and one in cardboard wrapping exposing the tights. These were the ones that were exposed so you can see and feel the texture of them.

Now there are two ways in which you can wear these – with the two net seams at the front or at the back. It doesn’t make a difference at all. I chose to do two at the front being the show piece rather than the one however you can always change it around. The best thing is that they are flat packs – which means no subtle leg shaping lines are in there.

Getting them on is so easy – whichever way you do it. I did scrunch and roll on one leg and then just pulled up on the other. I suppose it’s easier at the moment as I don’t have any anklets on *sad face* but they hardly snag. I think the only bit you need to watch out for is the netting part to make sure it doesn’t catch.

You may need to pinch and pull slightly to get it to sit straight on the legs – mine started to go wonky on one leg and so had to spend 5 minutes getting it into the right position (unless you don’t mind it being slightly wonky – I know some women do!)

As far as I am aware I don’t think these have reinforced toes on them – they didn’t state it and looking close up they don’t seem to have any. Although it’s not too much of a problem as the thicker denier panel does cover most of the toes; you just may need to be careful of the netted bit.

How do they feel? They feel so soft and so smooth, it’s just to die for. You can easily run your hands up and down these and they don’t catch dust that easily either. I hardly had to dust them off throughout the day. The thicker panels feel quite silky and the netting isn’t that rough either like I expected it to be.

The band is pretty sturdy on them too. They hardly moved all day and they don’t fall as easily either.


My overall opinion? These are amazing! I absolutely love the design on them; there are a few out there with a similar concept but these are just stunning and the quality of them are super!


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  1. Welcome back Soni 😘😘

    It’s great to see you back reviewing again. I missed your daily blog and outfit sharing.

    These loook lovely and versatile. Calzedonia is on my list to try as I’ve heard so many good things about them.

    Nicole 😘😘