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Calzedonia Backseam Bow Holdups

Well I am making the most of the sun being around by bringing my nudes out to play. Even though the forecast says that it’s supposed to be thunder, that is not gonna stop me! I have so many pairs to get through, and a lot of them being nudes, I can’t afford to stop now!

 The Spec

Colour: 582 / Nude-Black

Size:  1/2 – S/M

Materials: 82% Polyamide / 18% Elastane

Price: £16.00 / Sale £8.00

Website: Calzedonia


My Outfit

I wore my fitted stripey dress along with my casual brown wedges, only because I have so much running round to do today I wanted to be comfortable. Not only that, my stupid nail varnish has been rubbed away by the shoes I wore yesterday so no peep toe or open toes are allowed until it’s been touched up!

I added small silver drop earrings and left my hair just washed-and-dried.

 My Deets

Dress: H&M

Holdups: Calzedonia

Wedges: Toms


The Review

The Packaging: very basic and doesn’t actually tell you a lot about them. You can slightly see the backseam through the top peephole of the packaging, but not a great deal. At the back of it:

Fashion holdups


Getting Them On: I would always recommend folding your silicon band outwards so it doesn’t fold inside and get all stuck when rolling up your leg. I didn’t use hosiery gloves this time (even though I should have as my nails are super long), but they were completely fine and has no issues. What I did find on the left leg is some sort of imperfection in them – I have no idea what happened there but it’s super smooth and silky (compared to the rest of the leg) when you rub over it.



The Bands: on these are so good. They’re nice and thick and they stick to your legs straight away. I didn’t really have to adjust mine once I got them on, and to be honest they have stayed put all day; the times I have rolled them down, they went back up and still had the same grip like they did before.

The only thing you will find is that these do leave marks on the legs after you take them down. They do disappear after a while, but it’s a note in case they’re exposed!



The Toes: are all nude and not reinforced. Calzedonia don’t have a lot of pairs that are. There is plenty of wiggle room in them and they fit so nicely around the toes too. The seams haven’t moved ever since I put them on which is a bonus. Not too sure what they would be like in peep toe shoes or more wider shoes though!


On The Legs: they sculpt themselves around my legs like a dream. The colour I’m not too keen on as they make my legs look slightly pasty-ish, but the denier is just fab. They’re silky smooth from the toes to the band and have a lovely slight-shine finish to them too, which is perfect for sunny days and works well for dull days when the light hits!


The only blah thing was that the design was rubbing off inside my shoes – this could depend on the foot wear that you’re wearing, but mine clearly didn’t like my wedges!



The Design: is mega mega cute! I bought them purely for this – and would have gone for them if they were as tights or stockings too! I love the medium-sized backseam working into a cute detailed bow that sits just above the back of the knees. You can make it sit higher, but I didn’t want to stretch out the design as I thought it would ruin in. the seam starts right from under the toes all the way to the bow, so it’s a nice touch for shoes that have an open back.


Snagging Issues: I can’t say there is any. Even if you did, I doubt you can actually tell unless you have darker skin (putting that in a nice way) or really hairy legs where snags do stand out against.


My Thoughts?

I adore these. I love how cute they are and how these can be dressed with almost anything. I would stick to skirts and dresses which expose the bow as it just makes it ultra-feminine.

I love the denier as it’s perfect to wear in summer months (your legs don’t feel too sticky in them) and that subtle gloss that they have.

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