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Calzedonia Alphabet Tights

I have to admit I have had so much fun in these pair today. I have had everyone reading my legs asking me “What does it say?” – and all it is are the letters from the alphabet.


The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 1/2 – Small/Medium

Materials: 89% Polyamid / 9% Elastane / 2% Cotton

Price: £9.50 / Sale £7.45

Website: Calzedonia


My Outfit

So I went adventurous with black today(!) – I wore my 2-in-1 shirt dress along with my amazing alphabet tights and to top it off, I wore my grey heels but then switched to my new black peep toes with a killer heel!

I left my hair down and crimped – hence why it looks like a lion!

My Deets

Dress: Jennyfer

Tights: Calzedonia

Shoes: from eBay


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The Review

Seeing as I bought these ages ago, the information about them is no longer available on the website, so I shall just crack on with my review 🙂


The Packaging: it’s just the same as the past couple of reviews I have done; very simple and plain at the front with a small window at the top and the back gives you the sizing guide along with the materials to make the tights.



Getting Them On: I used the scrunch and roll method as these are pretty delicate, so the last thing I want is snags to begin with! I used my hosiery gloves as well just to be on the safe side. The best thing about these is that it doesn’t matter about lining up or anything! What you will notice is that they’re duplicated on each leg, so you won’t really spot any random lettering like I thought.



The Toes: is all sheer and perfect for peep toes like mine! It would have been nice to be reinforced, but then again my nails are short at the moment, so it works out perfect!



The Waistband: Excuse the lace line – these are high waisted goodies and I couldn’t be bothered to pull them down for the pic! The band is decent; very light on the waist and doesn’t dig in. It also stays put all day and doesn’t lose elasticity in them!



The Feel: of them are just divine. They are so soft and so smooth, I couldn’t stop touching my damn legs all day! I had a lot of people stop and stare at them, which tells me they look on point!!! Unfortunately I did manage to get a small snag on my foot and on my upper thigh, but nothing too visible thank God!




My Thoughts?

I really dig these – I love how random and funky they are and it works so well with either shoes, or trainers or pumps! The quality is great, the price is fab for what they are and I love the way my legs look in them too!


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