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Calvin Klein Matte Sheer Control Top Tights

And so we slip into a pair of CKs this morning. I have never tried out hosiery from CK before (only their lingerie) so this will be pretty exciting to review. Now I do hope that most of you know who Calvin Klein is and what they do… But for those of you who don’t, then read the below:

About Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein, Inc. is one of the leading fashion design and marketing studios in the world. It designs and markets women’s and men’s designer collection apparel and a range of other products that are manufactured and marketed through an extensive network of licensing agreements and other arrangements worldwide. Brands/lifestyles include Calvin Klein Collection, Calvin Klein Platinum Label, Calvin Klein Jeans and Calvin Klein Underwear. Product lines under the various Calvin Klein brands include women’s dresses and suits, men’s dress furnishings and tailored clothing, men’s and women’s sportswear and bridge and collection apparel, golf apparel, jeanswear, underwear, fragrances, eyewear, women’s performance apparel, hosiery, socks, footwear, swimwear, jewelry, watches, outerwear, handbags, small leather goods, and home furnishings (including furniture).

PVH Corp. is one of the world’s largest apparel companies. It owns and markets the Calvin Klein brand worldwide. It is the world’s largest shirt and neckwear company and markets a variety of goods under its own brands, Van Heusen, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, IZOD, Arrow and Speedo USA, and its licensed brands, including Geoffrey Beene, Kenneth Cole New York, Kenneth Cole Reaction, BCBG Max Azria, BCBG Attitude, MICHAEL Michael Kors, Sean John, Chaps, Donald J. Trump Signature Collection, JOE Joseph Abboud and Perry Ellis Portfolio.

Certain Calvin Klein advertising campaigns are based on or inspired by actual events and people. The 2015 Calvin Klein Jeans advertising campaign is inspired by real stories of actual dates, but names and events may have been modified for creative purposes.

– taken from their website

The Spec

Colour: Buff

Size: B (Medium)

Denier: 20

Materials: 83% nylon, 17% spandex

Price: TXMaxx £4.99


My Outfit

Keeping it plain Jane today I’m afraid with my black oversized jumper dress and my grey thigh high boots. I added my double choker to make it look a little more ‘dressed’ and left my hair down and frizzy just because!

As these are a plain nude, I did over the knee socks under the boots, so when I switch to my Timberlands to drive in, they still look great and doesn’t seem like too much leg exposure in the middle of winter!

My Deets

Jumper: New Look

Tights: Calvin Klein

Boots: Deichmann

Socks: H&M


The Review

The Packaging: I love it; pretty simple but enough to get you to buy them (well.. they were pretty cheap too!)

So the front shows the model wearing them (in black) along with some specifics in the top corner and the back shows a large sizing guide along with the following:

“Matte sheer – control top.

Soft and subtle coverage for the leg.

20 denier leg. Wide comfortable lays flat against the body. Invisible reinforced toe.”


Getting Them On: so these are horizontally packed which means that you get the subtle leg shaping to them. Getting these on you will need hosiery gloves on (that’s a must) and then scrunch and roll. If you’re confident enough, you can always tug them up, but I always like to play it safe (especially with anklets) so I roll, roll, roll!


Near to the control top, you may find it slightly tight but it’s nothing that would squeeze the life out of you or anything. I find these to be a light-medium control top so you should be able to get it over the tushy OK!



On The Legs: so these roll on really nicely and sit so well on the legs. I’m sure these are a size medium and not a small, but to be honest I feel medium sit better on me whereas the small, I would have had to tug and pull quite a bit to get it to sit where I want it to. They hug the legs really well and the control top is just right if you don’t want something that cram all the skin in.


The Toes: these are reinforced baby! Which means bring it on long nails! You can’t really tell which is fab (and that’s the invisible kicking in there LOL!) so sandals and open toes can be worn with these. Thereis hardly any pressure around the toes in these and thereis plenty of wiggle room too, which is great news if you’re in them all day.


The Waistband & Gusset: so the band sits around the belly button area and I got to mention that is a very snug fit due to the control top, so if you find it too tight that is why! I love the fact that they stay in place all day long without budging and there is not sign of it falling down during the day if you’re on the move.


The gusset isn’t a proper cotton one that you get in other hosiery; this is more sheer and a silky feeling one so you may find it a difference experience to other brands.



The Control Top: I mentioned is a light-medium one, so you only feel a slight bit of pressure to begin with compared to stronger ones where you feel you can’t breathe for the first 10 minutes. What I do like about these is that it doesn’t look like a control top and more of a boxer brief look to be honest.



The Colour, Look & Feel: so the colour I can’t say I am too keen on to be honest. It makes my legs look lighter and a little pasty-looking rather than natural. I have to say from a distance, it looks alright and I can’t complain, but the closer you look at them, the more it looks just an off colour and doesn’t really do my legs any favours to be honest.


So the image below shows you in ‘natural lighting / non-flash:


And this image below shows what it’s like with the flash on:


The look and feel of them are just great; soft smooth sheers with a matte-like finish to them in normal light. They aren’t patchy or have any weird lines going down or around them either and you can always adjust if you feel like one part is slightly darker than the rest. I had to do that a few times today as I felt the feet had more nylon coverage than the rest of the legs, but then again I was covering most of it so I realised there was no damn point!


I have to say I do prefer them with the flash on as they have that lovely subtle shimmer to them which sets it off quite nicely compared to ‘natural’ lighting, so maybe rock these in summer or use as a base for other hosiery?



My Thoughts?

Apart from the colour, I am digging these. I love the matte finish on them which has that slight shimmer to them and these are just great to be in. Great quality, the denier is just right for slight leg coverage and they are great to be in. No snags or anything either so I really can’t complain!!!


5 thoughts on “Calvin Klein Matte Sheer Control Top Tights

  1. These look nice matte finish I don’t mind which is my second choice in the look of tights. Have to admit my first choice is the high gloss look. These I love cause they do have a slight shine glad you mentioned about the photo with flash on. To many hosiery companies use lighting to make them look glossier than they are to sell more.

  2. Like a good or bad glass of wine, it’s all a matter of opinion and taste. It’s what adds to the enjoyment of your blogs.
    I actually like the colour. 🙂

  3. As far as i know, ck tights comes in many skin colors, perhaps you may try to choose the right color next time.