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Calvin Klein Backseam Sheer To Waist Tights

Hello CK – we meet again, but this time with it being in the current collection and not a pair you can’t get hold of!

Now I gotta say with this being a black sheer backseam pair, they are the most versatile pair you can get your hands on. And with it being a good and decent brand, I have to say it’s worth getting a pair!

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The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: A – X-Small

Denier: 12

Materials: 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex

Price: £15.99

Website: UKTights – Calvin Klein Backseam Sheer To Waist Tights


My Outfit

Now let’s go casual with a touch of smart this time. I decided to wear my new denim shirt dress paired with my statement heels to give it a little oomph. A lot of you might not agree with this look (especially the heels) but I think it just looked funky and I was feeling it!

I kept my hair up in a bun today and kept jewellery to a minimum.

My Deets

Dress: LOTD

Tights: Calvin Klein (CK)

Shoes: Steve Madden


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The Review

From The Website: Calvin Klein might just be the world’s most famous and well respected underwear designer, and now they are trying their hands at the world of legwear too. This design is classic Calvin Klein, with a simple look that remains a classic no matter what, a fit that is comfortable and a flat seam construction that has subtlety at its core.

* 12 denier
* Sexy backseam
* Flat seams
* Ultimate comfort
* Smooth waistband
* 85% Nylon
* 15% Spandex


The Packaging: damn sexy it is too! The model at the front is killing it wearing that seam. You can also find details of the size and colour stated at the front, with a little more detail at the back about the hosiery, sizing, care etc;

Backseam Sheer – Sheer to Waist.
Sexy backseam with sleek opaque knit soles. 12 denier leg. Flat, smooth waistband. Flat seams for ultimate comfort.”


Getting inside, these are neatly folded around sturdy cardboard. When you unravel them off it, these are shaped to the legs really nicely too! You get the full foot shape, which then curves into the leg and thigh.

Here you will see the seams run straight along that subtle fold, and then bend. I was dead confused here as to why they were bending instead of following that fold, but I will later find out hey!



Getting Them On: hosiery gloves are a must with these because they are delicate as anything!

I did the scrunch and roll on both legs as I didn’t wanna risk it first thing in the morning by messing around with them (plus it helps to get your line-up right).

Over anklets these are fine as long as they aren’t too sharp!



On The Legs: so… what shall I start with? How smooth they look and feel? How the denier has a gorgeous slight shine to them?

Let’s start with the feel; so damn nice! They are super soft and super smooth on the legs, and to touch as well! I mean check out the thigh pic below where it just looks like a perfect finish!

The denier is just right for me to be honest; it gives you a lovely coverage on the legs and perfect for those who don’t mind exposing a little skin.

The quality is amazing, however I say that and I did manage to get a snag during the day. I wasn’t too impressed but hey, that was the only one thank goodness!

The backseam on these are great too; they start right from the heel/ankle and work up to the top thigh, finishing about an inch or two under the tushy. What I did notice on my left leg was the backseam ending with a small bit of thread hanging out. When this happens, either use hairspray or clear nail varnish to stop it from pulling.



The Toes & Ankle: plenty of wiggle room is the first thing I will mention here! You may need to release a little pressure from the toes when you first get them on and then you’re good to go!

During the day, these hardly budge and the toe seams stay in place too!

The sole detail is just stunning; it starts from under the toes and then works under bringing it slightly more around the heel and them working into a pyramid backseam. I just love how classy they look without trying.

The ankles have a lovely sheer, smooth finish to them without a single wrinkle in sight.



The Waistband: is so comfortable and different to any other band I have tried. It’s a silky top with it working into a darker denier. I love the way it fits and sits flush against you the whole day.

These don’t roll down at all and they hardly show through fitted clothing as well! I am in love with these just for the band!



My Thoughts?

These are brilliant!

✓ Fabulous quality minus that little snag

✓ The seam stays in place during the day and hardly moves

✓ The denier is just right for that sleek leg coverage

✓ I love the sole leading to the backseam which gives it that classy vintage touch


3 thoughts on “Calvin Klein Backseam Sheer To Waist Tights

  1. These backseam tights are beautiful,you’re looking stunning in these and those gorgeous heels Soni👌🏻
    Thank you very much😉

    Greetz Andre😘