Shoe Reviews

Butterfly Heels by Rainbow Cat

Girl are they Sophia Webster? They look delish!! 

Well I am afraid they are not – they are the next best affordable pair that you can get! A big thank you to Mr Anonymous for these.

I remember searching through some heels and these amazing heels popped up! I honestly thought they were so cute I had to add them on! I picked yellow because as summer is coming up in the UK, what better colour could you choose to make your outfit pop like these do?! You can get many other colours in these too by the way if you aren’t too keen on bright colours.

What attracted them to me the most would have been how different they are compared to your normal heels. And yes they are so much like Sophia Webster’s collection – her shoe collection is stunning but so pricey. So if you can afford them, then go for it (I certainly would but these will do for now) hehe!

  • They came packaged very well – individually bagged and padded out including the extra heel caps. The only bad thing was that the butterflies at the back did come squashed so I would recommend if you do keep these in the shoe box, then just adjust them so they sit open and flat.
  • They have a normal sole so easy to walk on. However do be slightly careful walking on smooth flooring – I nearly fell in my bedroom! *shy face*
  • The plastic around the toes is not one that would cut you after hours of wear – you get some that do however these are quite soft. It’s the same with the ankle strap too!
  • The heel height of these are not as big as I normally go – they are what I call a mid heel 🙂
  • They have that funky ankle strap where you adjust and then hook it on (I have shown it in one of the pictures below)
  • Your feet don’t really slip in these and are true to size. I thought they might keep sliding forward but they don’t surprisingly so BONUS!!

The only downside is how you store the shoes – you just need to make sure that the wings do try and stay flat as possible otherwise it is the biggest mission to try and get them to sit right when you want to wear them.

Now would I recommend them? Yes I would if you are experimental with your heels. I think these are just adorable with summer dresses and even teamed up with tights for work attire. As mentioned, they are affordable and I think they are worth it. I am in the process of getting a few more pairs in different colours!