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BodyTops & Patterned Legs

So here I have another OOTD (the yellow one was for Thursday!) – my famous black and grey combo with this skirt. I always manage to put black with this rather than another colour and I have no idea why! It’s like a reflex!

But I am so glad I did as the weather turned out so grim this morning and has stayed that way all day!

Now I went with a pair of tights I have not worn in a long while. It was a gift from a follower a while back and they are one of my favourite in the patterned collection. These are  Jonathan Aston Graceful Tights (which I have previously done a review on in the orange skirt) and they go with so much. Click the link to take you to the review if you missed it previously.

I love how half of the leg is designed, then works its way into sheers and then back to the a design from the bum to the waistband. I don’t think I took a pic last time, but I did below so you can slightly tell what it’s like on. Honestly they look stunning at the top – and if I was comfortable enough I would show you the full thing!

To finish it off and add that touch of class, I went with my court shoes and instead of the bow band it comes with, I went with satin ribbon ties around the ankle and a small bow at the back to finish it off. So professional but fun too!

The pony was a must with this outfit – I didn’t want it to be sexy with the hair down, so a pony back kept it smart casual.


My Deets:

Bodycon T-Shirt: Lewis & Harper

Bodycon Skirt: H&M

Tights: Via Amazon

Shoes: Via Amazon


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