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BMAKA Diamante Fishnets

Wooooo hoooooo … Hello nets! It has been some time I know and I am so glad to be doing a pair as it’s been so long! I got these a month ago I think and I kept eyeing them up thinking when I could wear them as the weather is freezing right now. I then told myself:

“You know what? Just do it. Just wear it.”

Now this one is Pat 1 of 2, hence why I am not posting this up on a Friday…

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: One size

Materials: 92% Nylon, 8% Spandex

Price: £3.59

Website: eBay – Women Ladies Fishnet Tights Net Pattern Diamond Hoise Black Pantyhose Stocking


My Outfit

Now I decided to go smart casual for work (as I do!) and rocked out my black dress with a cream lace kimono and my black court shoes.

I had my hair half up and slick back and added small studs to finish it off.

My Deets

Dress: BooHoo

Kimono: H&M

Shoes: Gifted from Amazon




The Review

From The Website:

Condition: Brand New And High Quality

OCCASION: Casual / Spring Summer Collection / Opaque Leggings

STYLE: Slim, Skinny, Tights, Stretch, Lace Top

Colour: Black / White / Red

Length: Footed

Material: 92% Nylon, 8% Spandex

Denier: Fishnet

Size Length: 80-100cm

Size: One Size ( Small – Medium )

Hand wash, cold water only.


The Packaging: this has got to be one of the most weirdest packages I have ever seen in my life. It came in a shipping bag, and when I opened it, this is what plopped out!

Getting inside you need scissors and a steady hand! Once you’re in, the next thing you need to do is slowly detach these from one another. I found the diamantes to be sticking to one another so you need to carefully prise them apart.



Getting Them On: and it gets even harder here. Thank God I am wearing another pair of hosiery underneath as this makes it so much easier than having your toes get stuck at each netted part. I would advise to scrunch and roll as much as you can (and well.. the best you can too!) as it can get tricky.



On The Legs: so once they are on (finally!!) these look pretty decent. I would say these were more whalenets than fishnets, but I won’t get all technical about it.  They fit well and have plenty of stretch in them so it doesn’t matter if it looks slightly distorted.


You will get gapping under the knees as the material isn’t that clingy as I thought it would be, but then again I paid sod all for these, so I can’t expect much from them now hey?



The Netting: so the netting is pretty decent and quite hard to rip. I managed to get these caught a few times at the edge of desks, boxes etc. and they stuck out pretty well you know. The only problem you might encounter is the diamantes falling off one by one. I kept seeing them over the floor every time my legs or thighs rubbed, so that is something to watch out for unless you give it a goo hair spraying beforehand.


Another thing to mention (and this is a good pint) is that the diamantes start from the ankle so you’re not stepping all over it with your feet and end just under the bum. You will find that it may slightly fig into your thighs but it doesn’t hurt or feel uncomfortable at all. I managed to last really well in them all day.



The Toes: very small netting around this part but nothing that will look wrong in court shoes. It just covers the top toe area which is great and then works into whalenets. I have to admit it is a good denier they use for these as I have not encountered any problems (and this is the 2nd time I am in them!)



The Waistband: the band isn’t that great as it doesn’t sit flush against you, so it helped wearing sheers underneath to be honest. it’s a standard thin one which sits around the belly button area (on me anyways!).


This has no gusset by the way; you will find just netting all the way around so it may feel slightly awkward if you’re going commando in them!



My Thought?

For the price you pay, these are pretty decent you know. Perfect to wear day or night or to pair under jeans. I love the diamantes, however they do keep falling off, so I won’t recommend for a long term pair.

The denier of them is great as it’s durable and pretty sturdy. The band isn’t I’m afraid so gotta knock off a point there!

Overall I think these are OK and do the job that they need to (as a one or two time thing) – if you’re looking for a long term pair, then I would keep searching!


4 thoughts on “BMAKA Diamante Fishnets

  1. Love your reviews but these wouldn’t be for me because the diamantes fall off and would be wearing them under my jeans naturally being a avid male wearer. Being male that wears as fashion only would be called a CD and am not plus other names would look great under a mini skirt if the diamantes didn’t fall off. Will tell you this I have a pair that looks great on they are the Silky brand Bolero tights glitter fence net look love them very fashionable, classy and the look , fit, feel are perfect those you need to try if you haven’t yet.

  2. Hi, I’m commenting for the first time here, so I have to say this first: I love your work ever since I found your FB page! You are awesome and I would love to say it face to face looking in your pretty eyes.
    I must say that it’s a fine idea to wear tights and fishnets together and it makes it really look like your legs are wearing on pair of hosiery at a time.
    But I also have a question, what are those hosiery gloves you mention in almost every review? You could make a post reviewing them, just a suggestion.
    Have a nice time and I hope you’ll do more of your exciting work.
    I wish you all the best from Slovenia. 🙂