Bluester Floral Bralette

Now let me first off say that there won’t be many images to this blog as I would have liked, purely because certain people like to abuse it and ruin it for everyone else, and if I do find that these images have been used on places or sites without permission, these type of reviews will stop completely.

And breathe… So this little piece is from Amazon and I have always wanted to try these types of bralettes out. They always advertise them with bigger busted women, but never on a woman who is average sized or smaller than what you normally see, so I thought I would give it a go!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Materials: Acrylic+Lace

Price: £2.99

Website: Amazon – Bluester Sexy Women Floral Lace Bandage Bralette Bustier Crop Top Bra Vest, Unpadded

My Outfit

I went quite casual and shaggy with my look today. I rocked these with a pair of Timberland boots and the red lip to give a little spice to the face!

My Deets

Bralette: off Amazon

Jacket: Zara

Leggings: Topshop

Lippy: Bourjois Rouge 13




The Review

From The Website:

☀Support Type: Wire Free—☀Cup Shape: Full Cup
☀Size:S–Under Bust:74cm/29.1″–Length:21cm/8.3″
☀Size:M–Under Bust:76cm/29.5″–Length:22cm/8.7″
☀Size:L–Under Bust:78cm/29.9″–Length:23cm/9.1″
☀Size:XL–Under Bust:80cm/30.3″–Length:24cm/9.5″


The Packaging:


The Fit: I gotta say this fits quite well. This whole bralette is quite stretchy anyways so you do have room no matter what size bust you are. The straps you can sit lower to the lace or higher like I did below.

The straps are adjustable but it’s such a thin flimsy strap so do be careful as this could easily rip if you tug and pull at it a lot.

The back of it is pretty simple and sleek; it’s not like a normal bralette where you would hook it up. You literally just get it over your head, set it and job done.

The floral designs are super cute, but I experienced on one side that the floral pattern was coming off at the bottom. Clearly the stitching is quite poor but never mind….

The whole bralette didn’t feel itchy or irritate the skin either, and a big part of me thought it would as it is quite cheap material they have used (it comes from China so enough said there).

This isn’t padded at all by the way, so for those who may consider buying this just be wary of that. You can always put in your own padding or covers underneath for your own comfort.



My Thoughts?

For what you pay, it’s pretty cheap and I could see this coming apart after one wash to be honest. It’s great for festivals or parties where you would wear it once or twice, but not something I would keep in my collection for too long.

4 thoughts on “Bluester Floral Bralette

  1. Hello Soni,lovely review today,this sexy item is a beautiful piece of lingerie,wich will generate👌🏻👍🏻😉
    Have a nice Friday and weekend too!

    Greetz Andre😘

  2. Cheap, cheerful and Chinese yes, but still super super cute and sexy to look at, you can’t deny it 😍👍

    … Just be careful it doesn’t fall apart at the wrong moment 😜😛 Ahem!

  3. You’re right, it suits you perfectly.
    The detail of the embroidery of flowers, is not bad, even bluffing
    I like a lot, I’m small too (64.2 inch), I support you …
    Good continuation