Bluelans Lace Top Holdups

Hello blog 2 of 3 – we are now experimenting with purple considering I haven’t done sheers in this colour yet!

If you haven’t seen my previous review, then please click the link below (opens in a new tab):

Bluelans Lace Top Holdups (Black)

The Spec

Colour: Purple

Size: One Size, 63 * 10cm L*W

Denier: Around 20

Materials: Unknown

Price: £1.69

Website: Amazon – Bluelans® Women’s Lace Top Tights Thigh High Stockings, 6 Various Colours

My Outfit

I wore my retro-like dress (it’s so flared and look amazing when you get a little breeze) paired with my multi-coloured heels. I wanted to get a little creative with colour today, seeing as I haven’t done something like this for a while now!

My Deets

Dress: off eBay

Stockings: Bluelans

Heels: Shoedazzle



The Review

From The Website: Sensuous stockings with a sexy lace top. Delicate, transparent stockings with deep lace top. They allow feeling of elegance. They are perfect for specials occasions. Great for every day and evening wear.

This is a pair of sexy sheer lace stockings.
Sizes: one size, 63 * 10cm L*W
Lace, Spandex
Garment Care: Hand-wash only
Made from top quality materials
Package Includes: 1 pair of stockings sexy


The Packaging: as I bought 3 in one go, they all came together in one package. There is hardly any description to them; just a label to differentiate the colours and codes.

When you get in, you will find these scrunched up instead of folded flat or nicely inside.


Getting Them On: these were just the same as yesterday’s blog; I felt these were fine getting them on the legs and then the tight band hits the mid-top thigh. I didn’t have to worry about uneven coverage as I took my time rolling up to ensure I didn’t have to roll down and start again.



On The Legs: these are bang on just the same as yesterday’s pair, but the only difference is the colour and that I had no snags form today.

I have to say I do love the colour of these; they are this gorgeous Cadbury’s purple which does shade darker when the flash hits. I love the way they look paired against the green and multi-coloured heels.


The Toes & Ankle: the toes come reinforced as you can see with the slightly darker toe strips. These have plenty of wiggle room and no pressure is added at all throughout the day/evening. I felt comfortable in these in my open toe sandals.

Around the ankles, it’s a smooth fitted finish.


The Bands: I got to say the bands are just the same as the black pair. They are quite tight and small on the thighs, and have to be held up with a suspender belt once again.

Please see my previous review for more details (link at the top of the blog)



My Thoughts?

Based on colour, I think these are gorgeous! I love the way they look on the legs. Everything else is just the same to be honest!

4 thoughts on “Bluelans Lace Top Holdups

  1. Hi Goddess,

    Though I’m not so fond at purple nylons,I do believe you’re looking beyond gorgeous in this outfit Soni👌🏻
    Thank you for this lovely review and have a nice day!

    Greetz Andre😘