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Bloch Contoursoft Footed Tights

Oh yep, we have a new brand hitting the blog today! I got this pair gifted from my Amazon Wishlist, however this company has their own website I believe.

Bloch is known for dance tights, which means they are super durable and pretty thick in denier. I am pretty excited to try them out!

About Bloch

“Dance is our life
Our respect for the artists we serve is infinite. If we can contribute to a dancer’s artistry in even the smallest of ways, then we have achieved our goal.We are artisans within a beautiful, ever-changing field.

We are happiest when engineering the perfect product to meet our dancer’s bespoke specifications and desires.
We collaborate with some of the world’s best dancers and ex-professionals — including current BLOCH Ambassadors Jason Samuels Smith and Devon Teuscher to name a few. Our BLOCH Artists are some of the industry’s leading professional dancers and our Young Artists are some of world’s brightest upcoming stars of dance.

BLOCH continues to fulfil the promise made by its founder Jacob Bloch all those years ago.”

– from their website

The Spec

Colour: Coffee

Size: Small

Denier: Approx

Materials: 84% Nylon, 16% Spandex

Price: £15.00

Website: Amazon – BLOCH Women’s Ladies contoursoft Footed Tights

My Outfit

Now I know that I am covering these tights today, however it was a little cooler today and I wanted something that was gonna keep me a little warm. I paired my maxi dress paired with my peep toe boots – yes it’s been years since I have worn these.

My Deets

Dress: Stradivarius

Tights: Bloch

Boots: Goar

The Review

From The Website: Bloch Ladies Contour Soft footed tight features extra spandex for the perfect “return to form” function and smooth, supple softness for superior comfort. Expertly tested to ensure perfect waist height and ultimate comfort and support with a form fitting wider waistband. Streamlined, small, but effective gusset stays hidden.

Full footed Super soft, durable tight
Wide knitted in waistband for extra comfort
Hand Wash Only
Ladies Contoursoft Footed Tights
Dyed to match streamlined gusset
Hand wash in lukewarm water separately, Use only Non-chlorine bleach when needed, drip dry

The Packaging

Getting Them On: now these are pretty thick, so I didn’t gloves when I was getting them on. I did my scrunch and roll up the legs, taking care over my anklets.

These were super stretchy and so easy to get on.

On The Legs: now you can tell the shade difference here – and this is some deep coffee colour which I love. I know does look very deep in colour against my arms, but I quite like this colour. I can see how these would make great dance tights for sure.

The quality of these are great. They are super durable and they have a nice amount of stretch to them too. Even if I wanted to, it would be hard to snag or rip these tights – I haven’t willingly tried but I know it would take a lot before they damage easily.

The fit of these were perfect for me. They ft really well, and as I mentioned there was enough stretch for perfect coverage. If you are unsure, just go one size up. These hugged the legs really well and there was no gapping.

The feel of them are so soft, and really smooth on the legs. They don’t irritate the skin and they are so comfortable to be in. I suppose this is the great ting about dance tights; they need to feel great and work with your skin for you to feel comfortable and move in them freely.

One thing I do like is that this doesn’t show your skin through it. These are super thick, so if you do have any issues with your legs – you now know that you can easily hide them behind these!

The Toes & Ankle: and once again you get great coverage on the feet as well. If I had a darker nail polish, this would peer through but as I have nothing on my nails at the moment, it is just a flush, natural look.

I had plenty of wiggle room around the toes, and there was plenty of material around the toes so there was no pressure added.

Around the feet and ankles, it was a lovely smooth finish with very minimal (if any) wrinkling.

The Waistband & Gusset: and it just gets better! I have such a great waistband that is so comfortable to wear. I spent all day without thinking twice about it. It has a great amount of elasticity to it, and it hugs the waist so well. I didn’t experience it shimmying down, or rolling over itself under my dress.

The gusset is present, however it is smaller than what you normally get in a pair of tights. This is so it isn’t exposed when dancing. I quite like the fact it is smaller; something a little different than what I am used to.

My Thoughts?

I really like this pair, and I would love to try these in a black or a lighter colour to see if I have the same view. I think the quality is brilliant, it fits me really well and I love this colour!

2 thoughts on “Bloch Contoursoft Footed Tights

  1. Hi Soni,

    Do you think you can see the hair through the pantyhose? Unfortunately I don’t always manage to shave them, which doesn’t look so great on a man wearing tights in my opinion.



  2. Great review very informative Have never tried this brand of dance tights but have tried Danskin , Capezio dance tights and they are great to wear plus very comfortable. After reading your review will have to try Bloch dance tights at the moment am hunting for some colored dance tights. Like purple, blue, red etc. I find dance tights are very durable do have a pair of glossy beige dance tights and they look stunning on.

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