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Berlei Electrify Seam-Free Sports Bra

And here we are reviewing a sports bra after such a long time … And the perfect time to do so as everyone (including me) are trying to get their beach bodies going.

Now this brand is new to me, so I wanted to give you a little lowdown about it. You can find out more about the ‘heritage’ of Berlei on their website as well:


About Berlei

“Berlei celebrates women and their many life-stages. It’s from these life-stages Berlei has taken inspiration to design practical and stylish dressing, everyday for every woman. Quality and well-being are integral to the Berlei lingerie design ethos and thus consistently expressed within all our collections, from careful fabric and trim design, to considered pattern cutting and the final product execution. We invite you to discover the ‘new’ Berlei.”

– taken from their website

The Spec

Colour: Ebonsize

Size: Small

Materials: 70% Polyamide 25% Polyester 25% Elastane 

Price: £28.00 / Sale £17.00

Website: Berlei – Electrify Seam Free


The Review

From The Website: Introducing Electrify Seamfree flexible for studio activity like yoga and pilates.

  • Fully adjustable strap & back closure to customize fit.
  • Double layer construction & integrated power zones for added support & coverage.
  • Removable lightly padded cups create a natural looking shape while offering modesty & support.
  • Mesh design delivers excellent ventilation in high sweat areas to help keep you dry & cool.



The Packaging: as these came with other goodies from Gossard, these weren’t wrapped separately. As you can see below, I examined to make sure I knew what I was working with. I like the minimal detail this has; some women prefer to keep it plain and simple rather than going for brighter colours.

One thing I noticed and loved is the removable cups; I normally keep them in but it’s nice to know that others have the option to remove them if they feel it’s not required.

I also like how these have an adjustable back strap as well as the back clasps as well so you get to wear it just how you like it.


Getting It On: before you do anything, adjust the straps!!! I got way too excited and tried to get it on before I adjusted – was not a pretty sight with my hair and arms stuck!

Once you have done so, you will fin it much easier and don’t forget to criss cross it either!



Comfortable? Comfort factor is sky high at the moment; one of the nicest I have worn in a while. I have done a review for Gatta before, and this one is just as great. One thing I do really like is that these have removable padded cups so you can choose whether you would like it in or not rather having the padding sewn in so you just gotta rock with it.

The front and back gave me real good support on the front and back; not once did I feel this move out of place when I did my workout.


Movement: you have no restrictions here put it that way. This allows you to move freely without having to worry. I love the fact that it hugs you really well but not once did it feel tight or restricting – which I love!!


Sweat: I gotta say that little ventilation patch really does work; normally you’re bound to sweat but here it let me breathe and I found that I didn’t sweat as much as I normally would in a normal bra! It helps to reduce the amount that you normally would – and in this heat, I need anything to help me with that!



The Welt: the support is incredible. These fit me so well and the best part is that adjustable back strap where you’re in control of the fitting. Throughout my workout where you’re body will expand, I didn’t feel like it got too tight so I had to loosen up; the elasticity in this is great!


My Thoughts?

Whilst this is in the sale, I would say go ahead and grab a bargain. This has to be one of the nicest bras I have come across in a while which actually works for me. I would certainly recommend it 🙂