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Bello Star Knee High Lace Diamante Court Shoes

I normally don’t do reviews on the weekend, however my December on the blog is so jam packed I thought I might as well take a few weekend and dedicate them to some amazeball reviews I have coming up!

This is the 1st of a few that I have got lined up, so I do hope you enjoy!

Now let me get into this pair; I got my hands on this pair as I thought I have never seen anything like this before and it would make a great review for you all!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: UK 5

Materials: Upper: Textile | Lining and Sock: Other Material | Outer Sole: Other Material

Price & Website: No Longer Available

The Review

From The Website:

– Upper: Textile
– Lining and Sock: Other Material
– Outer Sole: Other Material
– Heel: 4.6″ Sock Length: 23″ Cuffs: 13
– Over The Knee Length Lace Insert
– Standard Size
– Standard Fit


The Packaging: this came folded and packed neatly in mesh bags placed in a sturdy box. They were well protected and I am so glad they were due to the diamantes that were all over the court shoes.

As you can see, these are looking super pristine with no markings anywhere.


Getting Them On: I will say these were a little fiddly to get on at first; there is no zips or any give way to get your feet into these and up the legs. I had to do a scrunch and roll, slip my foot in and then pull them up until they stop. I do wish there was a small zip somewhere that would make it easier to get them on rather than struggling to do so!



On The Feet: the size I purchased (UK 5) was the snuggest fit, and a part of me thought if I should have gone for UK 6 just to give me some wiggle room. Don’t get me wrong, these weren’t tight on my feet, but I can just imagine being in them for hours and when my feet get hot, they slightly expand. So it would be more for comfort than anything else really. I could easily have added insoles or heel grips if they were slightly on the larger side.

The heel height is great; I would class this as medium but it is high for sure. They were super comfortable to be in for a good few hours without no problems.

I have to say I was super impressed with the rhinestones on the heels; not one fell off whilst I was in them and they are pretty hard to pick off too (yes I did try to do it so I could see if they were tacky or not).

Now with the opaque lacing from the feet to the thighs, I was unsure about. I felt it drowned out the court shoes instead of enhancing them, but then again this would be a pair that you would wear in the evening. I do really like it and though it looked stunning, but against the shoes it was too dark.

The detailing on the lace was amazing; it looked great and pretty mesmerising too with the circular patterns. I did like the fact that these sat up on their own with nothing helping them to; no silicone straps or pieces, no belts etc. This stayed up on their own and did not slip down at any point either. They are slightly (and I mean very slightly) elasticated at the top which helps me to stay up all day long. I wasn’t too keen on the piping at the back, but hey what can you do!

One thing that did surprise me at first was the lacing was super shiny; I didn’t expect that at all but I thought it worked well. It makes a change from a matte finish.


My Thoughts?

I gotta say I think these are great and such a fab party pair to have, but I just wish the lacing wasn’t that dark. I thought they were great quality, looked amazing on the legs and felt good to be in.

3 thoughts on “Bello Star Knee High Lace Diamante Court Shoes

  1. Those are so Hot and Sexy. I brought a pair for my BEST FRIEND. I LOVE THEM. THEY look so Hot and Sexy on you. Please keep the Pictures coming. I so love that u like to wear Pantyhose, Stockings, Hi Heels and u like to dress up. You have a Rocking Body.