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Bello Star Embroidered Knee High Court Heels

Bring on my 2nd pair of knee high shoes to review. I thought these looked great on the model and decided to give them a go myself to see what they’re truly like. I thought my previous pair were amazing but were a little too dark.

If you missed that review, then please click the link below to read the blog (opens in a new tab):

Bello Star Knee High Lace Diamante Court Shoes

The Spec

Colour: Red & Black

Size: UK 5

Materials: Upper: Textile | Lining and Sock: Other Material | Outer Sole: Other Material

Price & Website: No longer available

The Review

From The Website:

– Upper: Textile
– Lining and Sock: Other Material
– Outer Sole: Other Material
– Heel: 4″ Cuffs: 13″ Sock Length:
– Zip Fastening At Back
– Standard Size
– Standard Fit


The Packaging: the packaging is identical to my last pair. These came in a good thick box, and folded neatly into their own mesh bags to protect the design.

These also came out looking pristine with no damages to the shoes.


Getting Them On: well I was thankful that I had a zip at the back this time to help me get them on the legs. I still had to scrunch these down, but I had that extra room to move my foot around to get them into the shoes and then up the legs.



On The Feet: well these are exactly the same fit as my last pair in terms of snugness. I felt these would have been an issue if my feet started to expand a little, otherwise it was a great fit. I had no issues with that at all.

As I mentioned above, these do come with a back zip which is visible (I wasn’t too keen on that though – the zip could have been all black instead of gold). However, this really does help when you want to get these on and take them off.

The heel height is slightly shorter than the black lace pair (only by 0.6 inches) but still comfortable to be in. I could have been in these all day without any problems of it hurting my feet or ankles.

Now let me get to the mesh part; I loved the way these looked on the model but I have to say these are a little bright and out there for me. I felt if the roses were a deeper red instead of bright red, it would have looked super classy but as they’re not, it throws me off a little.

From the foot to the thigh, you get this floral mesh print all over, and yep these are stitched through but still slightly raised so you can feel the detail.

These are just like my other heels; these hold up on their own with no silicone or belt support to them. I have to say these aren’t as great, as they did slip down a few times when I was on the move so I wasn’t overly impressed here that I had to keep pulling them up the legs every so often.


My Thoughts?

I think the floral detail is beautiful but I wish it was deeper in colour rather than being so bright, so I could actually pair them up with outfits a lot easier. I don’t want to give off the wrong vibe wearing these with a skirt or dress, and I certainly don’t feel that comfortable doing so when I was trialling these out! Apart from that, these are a great pair!