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Beileisi Mock Stockings

Well I must say these are quite lovely. Actually.. Strike that..

These are just damn sexy and thank you to one of my followers for gifting me these pair!!

I got to say how amazing these look on – as soon as they had arrived, I planned my outfit to go with so they become my statement piece! Now I don’t have many mock stockings, however I think these are just fab!!

Not to mention I have never heard of this brand before and have never come across it until I saw it on Amazon when I was searching for new pairs to add to my wishlist… and I’m so glad that I did!

My Outfit Today

I went with my ribbed bodycon dress along with my black court shoes because I wanted it to be with a formal outfit rather than my smart casual like I normally do. I felt like they needed to stand out on their own rather than blend and it worked so well with this outfit.

So let me get started:

  • Packing was done really well – they show the image of the front and back of the tights on the front of the packaging (and that is exactly what you get as well). They were wrapped around the cardboard when I opened them.
  • They were so easy to glide on and take off as well – no catching onto anklets either I must add here!
  • The design was pretty easy to line up at the back of the leg too – you just need to make sure the diamond pattern at the heel of the foot is lined up straight so you won’t need to mess about with it when you are rolling them up.
  • A good waistband on them too – very soft which is surprising as I thought it wouldn’t hold them up all day. They do have such a cute design around the knicker bit (there is not an image of these in this blog) which consists of swirls to match the rest of it.
  • I would put them down to being a 20 denier pair – it doesn’t state on the packaging but by the way they feel it would be around that. I think that works perfect because it means the design at the back is thick and dark enough to make them stand out.
  • Let me get onto the design bit – I absolutely love it. I love how rich and luxurious it looks on the legs. It completely changed the outfit from being plain and simple at the front to STOP AND OGLE at the back. Even when the design is stretched, it still keeps its form and look amazing.
  • I love the way it also sits along where my dress ends so you can see the band going round the leg. I got plenty of stares at that today!
  • I also have to say I do like the sheer on these – they aren’t too creamy or too white so it works really well and does make my legs look quite nice!!


I can’t actually seem to make out if they have reinforced toes or not as it does not state it on the packaging. So I will put it down to that they have sandal toes on them. BOOOO!


So would I recommend? Yep I actually would. I think these are a lovely pair that you definitely need as a formal additional and they are not too badly priced either. They are just simply stunning and a right head turner too. It needs a sign at the front saying ‘Look at the back’!


My Deets:

Bodycon Dress – Mango

Tights – via Amazon

Shoes – Jeff Bains

P.s: I haven’t taken many photos as I was running late once again this morning but will update Instagram with more when I can!


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