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Beileisi Black Seamed Holdups

God I hate it when companies don’t even know what they’re selling! They call them stockings when they’re actually holdups – they have the silicone bands so it’s a giveaway!

Anyways – this is a brand which I came across on Amazon that I was intrigues to try. I haven’t heard of them before, but the pair did look good, so I thought why not 🙂

The Spec

Colour: Black & Red

Size: One Size

Denier: Unknown

Materials: Unknown

Price: £6.38

Website: Amazon –  Black Seamed Stockings With Floral Lace Top

My Outfit

Keeping it casual with this one today with a black over-sized shirt, holdups underneath and I wore my court shoes with these when I went out. Nothing special with the outfit today, so I could let my hosiery do the talking.

My Deets

Shirt: Lasula

Holdups: Beileisi

Shoes: Dune



The Review

From The Website: Sheer Cuban heel backseam stockings with lace up silicone floral lace top, you can’t help but feel sexy and flirtatious in such a pair sexy stockings. These are something that appeals to all tastes and turn people on. Whether it’s the smooth silky appearance of the legs in them, or the fact that they stop at the thigh with a lace interesting sexy trim, they are guaranteed to catch the eye.

  • Sexy Seamed Floral Lace Top Stockings
  • Uk Dispatch
  • nylon +spandex
  • 2130
  • UK Delivery 3-4 days


The Packaging: well what can I really say? There isn’t much to tell with the packaging – I actually had to check Amazon to see what pair they were as I couldn’t make it out at first.

These came flat packed when I opened them out, ready to get on 🙂

I also wanted to show you a lovely little snag that came with it as well right before I started to get them on.


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Getting Them On: so first thing’s first. You need to do the lace-up at the back as it’s like half-done and looks cr*p. I had to weave this in with mighty long nails (and took about a good 15 minutes to do so!)

Once I finally got there, I used hosiery gloves to do my scrunch and roll up the legs. Bear in mind that these are one size, which I found out when I got them on that they sat super high and didn’t hug my thighs. The band on this is huge and the lace-up doesn’t work to make it tighter either!

Anyways, another little issue I encountered was that the lines sit bent on the legs, and that’s the way that they were designed! Like WHY!?! Why do they do this to me!??!?!?!



On The Legs: okay so they look pretty, but not really ideal if I am honest. I wasn’t a fan of how the band doesn’t sit flush against the legs and there is a lot of gapping. I know my thighs are chunky, but damn!!!!

The denier is alright – looking around 20 I say with the sheerness to it, and then you have that lovely deep floral band which then takes up a lot of the thigh. I think it does look stunning, but it’s a shame they just don’t fit!

The fit and feel is ok; I found them to be quite rough to touch … And I won’t go there with the fitting as I feel that I’m gonna go ape sh*t talking about how much it miffed me off! Put it this way…

Spoiler: I won’t be recommending these!


The quality is another little issue I had; not only did they come snagged, but they looked cheap on the legs with dark patchy parts. You can’t really tell in some of the images, but in some angles you will see what I mean. They’re literally a cheap and cheerful pair that you might buy at an adult store. There is nothing to rave on about when it comes down to the quality.



The Toes & Ankle: so a little bit of good news to say; these fit really nice around the toes. They have some wiggle room in them. I don’t think these are reinforced so I would take care with longer nails, but otherwise I didn’t really encounter any issues here.

Now around the ankles I did for sure; these wrinkle! And not only on the ankles but it moves down to the feet as well, which looks so horrible.

These aren’t 100% nylon stockings so why are they trying to act like it?!




My Thoughts?

To sum it up… Just don’t go there.

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