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Barely There Sheer Tights by Love Your Legs

Now this is the follow on from my Gatta Blanca Skirt that I posted yesterday – I wanted to keep them both separate rather than combining as they are both individually gorgeous and the blog would be a very long read! – Plus they deserve to have their own pieces right?

Now these beauties I paired with a very office-like outfit just to keep it nice and fresh looking rather than dark. I like doing nudes with pinks; I feel it brightens the outfit a lot more than doing sheer blacks.



As they are a very very light nude (to the point it really does look like nothing is on the legs), these can be paired with a lot of outfits. Once again let me mention here that to those of you who aren’t a hosiery wearing fan, these would be perfect for light coverage. You can’t even tell that they’re on; they smooth your legs, add a lovely shine and just work!


And I love the fact when the light (or flash in my case) hits it, it gives off that lovely glistening look from toe to waist!



They even have sandal toes, so you can rock those open toes shoes and sandals like you would when you’re bare-legged!


Now if you’re a fan of the brief-style hosiery, then you are going to love these. They have a very subtle design at the front and back which looks super cute!


Ok so let me show you something so freaky! I pulled these out the pack right, all nicely wrapped around the cardboard. I started unfolding and it wouldn’t stop, I wondered why is wrapped over and over? I found that these are super long to the point that they are nearly the same height as me without heels on! All I can say is thank god that they fit me so well; when you get them on, there is no need to pull these up at all, you just need to roll on and you’re good to go.


I won’t lie but these do move throughout the day. They do fall slightly but nothing that you would actually notice. I think the best part is now that summer is round the corner, when your legs get quite sticky / sweaty, these will be stuck in place the whole day. So I suppose there’s plenty of breathing room!

That brings me to the packaging which I haven’t spoken about yet. Let me give you the basics:

Small / Medium

8 Denier Sheer

Sandal Toe

Brief Design

It shows the model at the front with them on (and a small image of the sandal toe – being the key point here) and then at the back, it’s very simple and straight to the point. As it is their own brand, I wouldn’t expect over the top detail. It just needs to be effective and they have done that!


Oh and not forgetting that waistband! It is slim, but it holds so well. Even though my tights were wiggling around, and falling down slightly, the band did not move position (until I had to go to the loo) at all! I was so impressed! And it hardly rolls either – that I was amazed with as I thought slimmer bands would roll a lot easier than thicker bands!



Overall Thoughts?

You are killing me with your amazing hosiery LoveYourLegs! Even though it’s their own brand and so cheap to buy, you cannot go wrong. I have tested out barely there sheers before which actually have let me down with snags and rips, but these have been amazing. Even if I did get a snag (which I actually didn’t) – you wouldn’t even be able to tell as they’re so sheer!

To get your fab pair, visit the link > Love Your Legs 1 Pack Barely There Tights

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  1. Absolutely flawless ……. Love the better than bare look….. Awesome looking brief…….Truly outstanding value for money….