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Ballet Hold-ups by Céduire

And let me just start my blog off by saying that I am in collaboration with Ceduire – It started a while back but I finally have the chance to post it up now seeing as I have been mega busy with my other hosiery!

I have to admit I’m pretty exited as I love their Instagram and their hosiery, so was dying to try these out for myself!

About Céduire

“As a stocking,
Céduire produce not only stocking,
But women’s fantasy dream about their own body.
Céduire, combines the elegance of the Seine Marne
and the fashionable atmosphere of the Champs Elysees.
It is the name of every independent and powerful woman,
It is a self-satisfying spirit and unique temptation.
Whether it is Paris or around the world,
Men, as always, obsessed with all women with graceful body,
While only Céduire make girls fall in love with their own body.
Corinne, the founder of Céduire,
Want to bring every woman such a charming nature,
Explore the charming of your original body to extreme.
This is the highest level of luxury pursed by Céduire.”

– Taken from the website: Céduire

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: One size

Price: $29.00

Website: Ballet Hold-ups

My Outfit

The focus is more on the legs this time rather than the outfit being the first blog I do about them. I teamed up with my ripped jumper and my suspender belt as these are more on the stockings side than actual holdups.


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The Review

So being the first, as I always do, I shall go in depth seeing as there is a lot to talk about. But first, information from the website itself:




Express yourself of our stylish tights which includes innovative designs fashionable fishnet tights. We designed these on-trend tights with plaid lace details that dress up any outfit!

88% Polyamide, 12% Spandex


Machine wash cold with like colors

Do not iron

Do not bleach

Dry clean

Do not tumble dry

Dry flat

Very gentle wet cleaning

The Packaging: is to die for. It has got to be the nest packaging I have ever seen in my life for a pair of hosiery! It’s grand, it’s rich, it just screams luxury!


Inside it has a small note stating the following:


Getting Them On: I would scrunch and roll as these feel like tight for a pair which looks really sheer. Not a bad thing at all, it just means it will sit well on the legs during the day. I would forewarn you that these snag easily too – I already have one on my foot near my big toe which I’m trying not to stress about!


On The Legs: I have to say they are very well fitted, but a little too fitted on my thighs. When they say it’s one size, I think you may need to be double minded about this as they squished my thighs so much I had a muffin top!!!!!! I know I have big thighs but I swear that these were made for stick thin legs and not ones with a bit of meat on!

And I ain’t joking:


I mean look how unattractive that actually is! If i was to wear these again, I would certainly not expose the band or anything as all you would get is oozing thigh on top of it!

The Band: is a great band, but too great that it digs into my legs. It’s something that stays put to begin with, but slowly starts rolling down after a while, so you will need a belt with this. I can confirm that these have no silicone bands inside, so they will just slip off your legs unless you wear with matte tights underneath to help keep them up. But otherwise that belt needs to come out to play. I suppose it just adds to it and makes it look more sexier rather than juts the ballerina holdups alone!


The Design: now this is something that I reviewed before. Remember those ballerina holdups I did like last year with a grey dress I think it was and they had those marks all over them? I got them from China for dirt cheap and I could see why they were dirt cheap! Now these are just the same design however a bit better quality, although you will see a lot of different shadings across the holdups including on the sheers too.


The Quality: I touched on before is pretty good compared to the ones I reviewed before as they were some cheap sheer crap really, but these are nicely elasticated and have a slight shine to the matte finish. Yes the finishing on the design could be slightly better but it’s still not too bad until you look up close.


The Toes: is just sheer. Plain sheer all over, which works for open toe shoes! They don’t have much wiggle room in them but I suppose if you keep pulling them away from your toes from time to time during the day, it won’t be so bad. I had to keep doing so.

And I think these would certainly be a no no for long toe nails as they would just just feel super cramped and would actually hurt!


Overall Thoughts?

Don’t get me wrong this review is not to slate the holdups stockings, but more to show you what you’re getting when you order them. I always do honest reviews as that’s what I look for when I want to buy a product and not waste my money on something that doesn’t deserve to be on my legs.

Honestly I do like these, I love the design and I love the soft silky feel to them as well considering they have a matte-look finish to them. The only downside is the actual look of the crosses up the leg as it spoils it for me. I would like them to be more bold and more consistent rather than patchy.

Thanks Ceduire for the opportunity to review these, I hope the others I have are a better and nicer quality!