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Ballerina Peitho Mock Suspender Hold Ups (Art 189)

Yep I have my hands on another pair of Ballerina holdups, and these remind me of a pair of tights I did a while back:: Adrian Cecile Tights

I did enjoy wearing those and loved the whole mock suspender look they had going. These are just like that pair, but as holdups and they smell sweetly scented!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small-Medium

Denier: Around 40

Materials: 82% Polyamide, 18% Elastane

Price: £13.99

Website: UKTights – Ballerina Peitho Mock Suspender Hold Ups

My Outfit

Well I went a little office-like with my outfit today and paired up a high neck ribbed bodycon with a pencil skirt and added patent court shoes to finish off the look. I wanted the skirt to be long enough so it looked like over knee hosiery.

My Deets

Bodysuit: New Look

Skirt: H&M

Holdups: Studio Collant Ballerina

Heels: gifted via Amazon



The Review

From The Website: These are perhaps the single most sexy design from Ballerina hold ups this season, a title that really does take an awful lot of beauty to achieve. These hold ups are named for the goddess of persuasion and seduction in the Greek pantheon, a fitting name for these sultry and seductive hold ups. They feature a red and black colour combination, always a classic choice for something more seductive, and such wonderful little features as the side seams made to look like zips, mock suspenders and clasps, and a gorgeous lace top. This design is brimming with delight and devilish charm, just as its namesake would want.

* Mock suspender
* Zip illusion
* Delicate detail
* Lace top
* Opaque leg
* Sheer thigh
* 82% Polyamide
* 18% Elastane


The Packaging: I don’t even wanna say much as their packaging is always on point. The model shows the holdups on the front, and the back has little detail about them. When you get inside, you will find them wrapped around card and flat folded.

These come flat so there is no foot or leg shaping to them, and they smell DIVINE!


Getting Them On: I did my scrunch and roll up the legs, trying to line up the side seam and also take care going over my anklets. Once I got the seam in place and the clasp design, I set my bands in place.



On The Legs: so let’s talk about the design first and how awesome it looks on the legs. I like the fact the front and back are plain, but the sides have it all going on, which makes these even more interesting. It gives you that over-the-knee socks look until you turn to the side. I think this is not only sexy, but super awesome too. They’re so different. I also love the side clasp design as well to give it that proper suspender look.

The quality of these never let me down, and today they didn’t either. They have been great on the legs, with enough stretch and no damage done to them either. The only place you would need to be careful of is the sheerer parts as these will snag more easily than the rest of the legs.

The fit of these are true to size, and as they cater for S/M, there is enough stretch in them so you can sit them higher on the legs instead of mid-thigh. They don’t gap as much as I thought they would; these are a thicker denier which means you may experience gapping around the knees or ankles.

The feel of them are super soft and really smooth against the skin. They don’t irritate the legs in any way, and they are so comfortable to be in.


The Toes & Ankle: I think the toes are reinforced, but if they’re not then not to worry as the denier is thick enough. Just make sure that your nails aren’t sharp so they rip through.

The toes have plenty of wiggle room in them and there is no pressure on the toes either. Around the feet and ankles these are a smooth, fitted finish. You will also find the side seam start off at the side of the toes.



The Bands: a great set of bands on these things! They hold up so well, even if they are sitting higher than they originally supposed to. These have double silicone bands on the top, which are covered by that lovely lace design.

I love how wide the band are as well, and then you get some reinforcement just underneath, even if they are a little uneven. However, these reinforcement bits lead into the side clasp design!



My Thoughts?

I love how amazing these look and how they fit on the legs. The design is stunning, and you cannot fault the quality. I would certainly recommend these!